Movie Marketing Madness: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

The Poster

How can you not like this poster? It looks so much like a Sears ad that the company signed up for some cross-promotion. Seriously, though, it is a good poster and gets the whole point of the movie being about a close-knit group of girls very well.

The Trailer (Apple, Yahoo!)

Again, this is a better trailer than I really would like to admit. While it starts off very poorly (anything set in a dressing room scares the bejeesus out of me) it quickly rights the ship. There seems to be some genuine emotion in the movie and isn’t just a too-cute flick full of mooning over boys and such. Interestingly, the conceit of the pants is dropped pretty quickly in the trailer and most of it is devoted to actual plot setup.

The Website

The site is very teen-girl friendly and, quite frankly, is a little garish. I’m turned off by the sheer quantity of pastel and other bright colors here but I’m not exactly the target audience. For that group the site is a smashing successs.

There’s an audio welcome message by one of the cast when the Flash site is entered and most of the A/V content is sub-divided by character as well as in the more traditional groupings. Also of note is that this site lets users register for show-time alerts and wallpaper for their cellphones. Since study after study shows that mobile phones are the most important portable device among teens and pre-teens this is a great way to cater to the audience.

There’s a bunch more on the site but these are the real standout portions.

The Future of MMM

What with my commitments elsewhere taking more and more of my already limited time I have been pondering the fate of Movie Marketing Madness: The Blog quite a bit. Should I let the dust collect until it seeks to be a destination of any sort? Should I say “Fuck it all” and just post whatever I want to post? Should I take a shower to get rid of this smell that’s been with me for five days now?

The answer to all these is “NO!”. So here’s my vision for the future of MMM:

1) The FilmThreat column will continue. There’s no question about that. I love the site, have met some great people and really enjoy writing that column each week (unless life dictates otherwise).

2) The blog will continue but in slightly altered form. Instead of regular updates on site launches, new trailers and such I’m going to segment it more and here’s how. Each day I will write a mini-column on a new movie for that week. The exceptions will be Wednesday and Friday. Wednesdays will be my day off to prepare next week’s FT column and catch up on other stuff.

This may evolve as time goes on but I wanted to solicite thoughts and opinions on this.

Thanks for sticking with me through this transitional period.


Movie Marketing Madness: The Longest Yard

longestyardmmm01storyWhere is the outrage? Where is the sense of wrong being done? Where are the tribunals and where, quite frankly, are the angry mobs?

I’m speaking, of course of the career of Adam Sandler. No single man has done so much to betray the covenant created between filmmaker and filmgoer in the early years of movie making as this deranged man-child. His films (if they can be called that) are a plague, an infestation that should by all rights be stomped out and never heard from again. We can’t really shift the blame for his popularity to Lorne Michaels, who cast him for Saturday Night Live all those years ago, any more than we can blame Qui-Gon Jinn for Anakin Skywalker’s eventual downfall. Yes, he may have plucked him from obscurity but he was out of the picture before the real tragedy occurred.

Once again, Sandler mugs for the camera and acts like an ass, this time in a remake of the iconic Burt Reynolds film “The Longest Yard.” Apparently studio executives weren’t aware it
had already been remade, if in loose fashion as “Necessary Roughness.”

The Trailers

The trailers set up the basic plot and lets us know we’re in for a series of racial and physical stereotype jokes, complete with Chris Rock (what the hell?) making jokes about being picked after the white kid and such. Reynolds appears in the film as well in what a studio casting executive no doubt felt was a casting coup.

There’s no real difference between the two trailers available except that the second one also includes a few shots of Courtney Cox (no doubt missing that regular “Friends” paycheck. It also shows that Sandler wound up in prison because of a DUI. If drunk driving doesn’t say “comedy goldmine” to you I don’t know what will.

The Poster

Oh there are so many posters but all of them suck. There’s one theatrical poster that shows all the characters with Sandler experiencing a bad case of white man’s overbite front and center. The rest are all character specific so we can be reminded of what Chris Rock looks like. It’s one thing to do these ego-padding one-sheets when the movie being promoted is costume heavy, a comic adaptation (like Sin City) or an animated flick (like Shark Tale). But when the actors all appear in, basically, street clothes and haven’t had their looks altered by some sort of special effect then these really are pointless. The only reason for them is to give theater managers desperate to fill poster cases a few more options.

The Website

The look and feel of the website is designed around the penitentiary concept, so all the content is lumped into various parts of the prison. Using the setting of a movie as the conceit for website navigation seems to me like a no-brainer but it eludes many studios and the web designers they employ.

We start our stint in the “Training Camp”, which houses the video features. Included here are the trailers, a TV spot, webisodes of behind the scenes footage and some video clips. Almost all the video clips are taken straight from the trailers so that’s not really an exciting feature. Also here are two photo galleries, one containing stills from the movie and the other some behind the scenes shots.

“Solitary” lets the visitor do some futzing of his or her own. The Face Painter Gallery lets you put tattoos and other markings on the face of one of the characters from the film. This is exactly as much fun as it sounds like. There’s also the usual selection of screensavers, wallpapers and other icons to be downloaded and passed along to your friends.

The “Prison Yard” is where you go to get some exercise and play a few games. Included here are the Quarterback Challenge which plays like every other game on the net by this name. Break the Nose lets you punch a guy until you break his nose and Jail Ball is a basketball game. Finally “Anal Raping” puts you in the prison shower where you must decide whether to be a bitch or a butch to the newbie in the prison. Either break his will and claim him as your own or watch as he as well as yourself become the sex toys to the bull queers in the system.
The graphics on this one are really the best of the bunch and will leave you with quite the mental image.

Some of that may have been made up.

“Guard Tower” is a list of promotions related to the movie which, as of this writing, total one, that being the release of the original movie on DVD. “Warden’s Office” contains cast and crew bios as well as Production Notes and “Get on the Team” is fancy for “Registration.”


Adam Sandler is in this movie. He makes wise-cracks. (Repeat this 128,000 times.)

That’s pretty much the goal of this campaign. To let people know there is a new Adam Sandler movie. You could have called it “The Longest Yard” you could have called it “Slappy McGuire,” you could have called it anything you want but that’s how it’s going to get promoted. End of story.

MediaPost comments on shoddy blog data

The main problem with this commentary by George Simpson is that it relies on the Pew survey showing blogs had no real influence in the 2004 presidential election. The incredibly low number of blogs used in the survey has already been picked apart. In addition to that, some of the “blogs” used in the survey reportedly weren’t blogs, but newspapers and forums.

Simpson needs to be checking a few of the blogs he seems to dismiss off-hand before commenting on such shoddy results. Also, everyone who relies on Pew numbers at this point after their podcast report was torn apart so vehemently needs to recheck their sources. That survey said a third of people who own an MP3 player had listened to podcasts. It was then revealed that when they said “podcast” they also meant streaming audio on the web, which is not the same thing.

Clearing the cobwebs

Fear not, young ones: I have not forgotten you. Just because I’m doing some other writing away from this blog does not mean I am going to neglect the Movie Marketing Madness site you’ve all come to know and love. I just haven’t figured out quite how this is going to fit in with those other duties as of yet. There are some ideas floating around the transom that is my mind but they haven’t solidified yet.

Don’t go away. I will be back.


40-Year-Old Virgin Poster Movie News: Carell’s Virgin poster

This is just fantastic. I especially love the “Better Late Than Never” tagline.


A brief politcal foray

And here come the grandstanders – Bloggermann –

Does MSNBC actually know Keith Olbermann works for them? His blog is pretty critical of the White House and others in power, unlike others. How soon until Olbermann gets a visit from Tom Hagan?


Star Wars Radio Ads

SW Radio Ads

Listen to these early Star Wars radio ads.

(Via adfreak)




Check out Derek Miner’s latest Critical Mess. His stuff is too funny.


The Da Vinci Code Teaser Trailer

The Da Vinci Code – Trailers & Clips – Yahoo! Movies

There’s not a whole lot to comment on in this trailer. It’s basically a CGI trip through the cracks in the Mona Lisa (the sequence reminded me of the opening credits for Tim Burton’s Batman). It culminates with the reminder that this film opens in May, 2006 and stars Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou. All in all not that exciting.