Random Writing Advice From Movies and TV

Let’s get this all out in the air. Last Friday, for reasons unclear to me, everyone started sharing their own Harsh Writing Advice on Twitter. https://twitter.com/ChrisThilk/status/1355273806080831491 Inspired by some of the helpful, ironic and flat-out funny advice that crossed my timeline, I thought I would round up some great writing advice from movies, TV series … Continue reading Random Writing Advice From Movies and TV

2021 Writing Encouragement Courtesy of “Disenchantment”

Luci is here to help you finish that project. If you’re looking for a way to get your new year's writing started on the right foot, you need look no further than Luci, the helpful demon on Netflix’s “Disenchantment.” During the eighth episode of the show’s second season, Bean is trying to process the complicated … Continue reading 2021 Writing Encouragement Courtesy of “Disenchantment”

The Establishment Would Like to Finally Win Now

We’re in the Endgame now. If you’re someone who pays even a little attention to the world of media and media criticism, you’ve probably already read The Letter. Titled “A Letter On Justice and Debate” and published in Harper’s, the letter is signed by scores of well-known creatives and writers, and essentially argues the world … Continue reading The Establishment Would Like to Finally Win Now

A Noodle-Centric Next Chapter

Some personal news. Throughout the last nearly four years, my job situation has been..fluid. There’s been freelance work, contract work, retail work and just about everything else you can imagine. I’ve managed social media programs, written white papers, edited email newsletters and slung more than a few lattes over that time. Now it’s time for … Continue reading A Noodle-Centric Next Chapter