The Establishment Would Like to Finally Win Now

We’re in the Endgame now. If you’re someone who pays even a little attention to the world of media and media criticism, you’ve probably already read The Letter. Titled “A Letter On Justice and Debate” and published in Harper’s, the letter is signed by scores of well-known creatives and writers, and essentially argues the world … Continue reading The Establishment Would Like to Finally Win Now

Corporate Speak is Useful, Unless It Isn’t

There are lots of reasons to dislike jargon, and lots of reasons to use it. Every industry has its own unique set of terminology. The same goes for every company, and often every department within a company. If you say “WINUS” to someone in Industry A, it’s likely going to mean something very different than … Continue reading Corporate Speak is Useful, Unless It Isn’t

Rethinking Office Perks

People’s needs and expectations are - and are going to be - very different. You’d be hard-pressed to offer a single, cohesive and comprehensive definition of “office perks.” In practice that term can be used to describe anything from free coffee to ping-pong tables in the break room to artisan baguettes served in the commissary. … Continue reading Rethinking Office Perks

A Noodle-Centric Next Chapter

Some personal news. Throughout the last nearly four years, my job situation has been..fluid. There’s been freelance work, contract work, retail work and just about everything else you can imagine. I’ve managed social media programs, written white papers, edited email newsletters and slung more than a few lattes over that time. Now it’s time for … Continue reading A Noodle-Centric Next Chapter

If You’re Not In the Obit, Eat Breakfast

With the passing of comedy legend Carl Reiner, it's a good time to share this clip from several years ago. You can learn more about writing - in any medium - from this than any 10 books devoted to the subject. Namely: What you write has to work. You can't throw something random out and … Continue reading If You’re Not In the Obit, Eat Breakfast

I’m Done With These Uncertain Times

I need a break from all the heartfelt feelings and hypocrisy. Watching television - primarily via Hulu - is becoming an emotional chore, one that needs to be prepared for and managed as if I were running a marathon or dealing with extended family. The reason? The ads. Commercials, of course, are few people’s favorite … Continue reading I’m Done With These Uncertain Times

Writing During Crisis

It’s alright to feel uninspired. We’ve all heard it or seen it, likely many dozen times, in the last two months. Something something “Shakespeare wrote ‘King Lear’ during the Black Plague” or other sentiments along those lines. The point is that hey, if you have all this extra time because you’re not commuting or even … Continue reading Writing During Crisis

The Workplace May Change, But By Whom?

The same people who created a broken system are being asked to imagine a new one. We are in the middle of a massive, unplanned experiment. While 30-some states this week are starting down their plans to “reopen” their economic engines, those plans seem to be mostly about retail and manufacturing operations. White collar, information-economy … Continue reading The Workplace May Change, But By Whom?

Employees Working From Home? Time to Invade Their Privacy

Employees can’t be trusted to be productive without monitoring. With vast swaths of the country in lockdown as a protective measure to fight the Covid-19 outbreak, a much higher percentage of employees working from home, at least those who aren’t in the retail/manufacturing/gig/service industries who are unable to do so. That increase has also led … Continue reading Employees Working From Home? Time to Invade Their Privacy

What’s Become Clear

A brief list of realizations over the last couple weeks. That any claims by conservatives to fiscal responsibility on a national level were never in earnest. That criticisms of individuals who find themselves in hard financial times apparently don’t apply to corporations. That apparently the entire U.S. economy is so precarious it’s subject to complete … Continue reading What’s Become Clear