Did…Did People Forget How Podcasts Worked?

The term “Netflix for podcasts” or “YouTube for podcasts” has been thrown around in a number of recent articles about the future of the format. Specifically, a handful of companies are trying to position themselves as the leading portal for anyone interested in listening to podcasts and therefore bring in the lion’s share of advertising … Continue reading Did…Did People Forget How Podcasts Worked?

How and When Your Content Marketing Is Delivered Impacts How It’s Receieved

How content marketing is received depends greatly on factors outside of the control of the marketers.

Google’s AMP Subscription Plans, or “Isn’t This RSS?”

As part of a reported larger outreach program to publishers, Google is said to be working on ways to help convert casual news readers to subscribers. Specifically, it’s using its Accelerated Mobile Pages technology, which loads pages more quickly on mobile devices, to identify potential subscribers and then make the conversion process more streamlined. I … Continue reading Google’s AMP Subscription Plans, or “Isn’t This RSS?”

Movie Marketing & Emerging Technologies

Movie websites have stalled. I’ve been writing my Movie Marketing Madness column for over a year now and in that time I’ve seen sites evolve not a whit. There’s no ingenuity, no free thinking and, most importantly, no adoption of emerging and new communication tools. When people visit a movie’s website, their ultimate goal is, … Continue reading Movie Marketing & Emerging Technologies