Did…Did People Forget How Podcasts Worked?

The term “Netflix for podcasts” or “YouTube for podcasts” has been thrown around in a number of recent articles about the future of the format. Specifically, a handful of companies are trying to position themselves as the leading portal for anyone interested in listening to podcasts and therefore bring in the lion’s share of advertising…… Continue reading Did…Did People Forget How Podcasts Worked?

Google’s AMP Subscription Plans, or “Isn’t This RSS?”

As part of a reported larger outreach program to publishers, Google is said to be working on ways to help convert casual news readers to subscribers. Specifically, it’s using its Accelerated Mobile Pages technology, which loads pages more quickly on mobile devices, to identify potential subscribers and then make the conversion process more streamlined. I…… Continue reading Google’s AMP Subscription Plans, or “Isn’t This RSS?”

Quick Takes: 9/9/05

I’m not surprised at all that most companies don’t have policies for employee blogging.  I think they not only need to develop some on blogs that touch on them or their policies but also other non-related blogs their employees are writing for.With the rise of RSS landing pages are going to become more and more…… Continue reading Quick Takes: 9/9/05

Quick Takes: 8/24/05

It’s vitally important that everyone realize that, no matter what Microsoft or Google might want to call it, that influencers use RSS. That’s why it’s so frustrating whenever I come across a website that doesn’t offer it – it’s like they’re willfully ignoring an important segment, which is not a great way to do business.…… Continue reading Quick Takes: 8/24/05

Quick Takes: 8/16/05

It’s been a while but thought I would try and relaunch this feature. Of course Microsoft wants to rename RSS: They didn’t invent it but they need – I mean need – to make it their own in order to claim ownership and get everyone to use it. If people who aren’t using it now…… Continue reading Quick Takes: 8/16/05

Google hops on the RSS bandwagon

Google News is now offering content in both RSS and Atom flavors. For some reason I have the image from Die Hard of John McClane screaming “Welcome to the party pal!” as a terrorist falls on the police car. [Via Blog Herald]