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Things that are on the verge of making me want to punch a kitten: Augmented Reality - Unless you can explain it to me in a way that doesn't make it sound like an "upload your photo" tool in reverse I'm going to think you're full of it. JK's Wedding Video or whatever it's called… Continue reading Up to here



While emergent and seeker-sensitive churches that are looking to be more engaging or whatever add big screens and funny pictures, I'm both condemned and comforted every Sunday when my Pastor regularly points to the only visual that's necessary: the cross.

Marketing Madness

Marketing Madness in 60 Seconds: 7/31/09

Advertising/Marketing The upfronts are finally beginning to move forward and the networks are finally starting to log some sales. It's not like commercial time is flying off the shelf though, and the take for networks might be in the $1 - $1.5 billion range, down from over $9 billion last year - even though they're… Continue reading Marketing Madness in 60 Seconds: 7/31/09

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Finding an Audience: Distribution Notes for 7/31/09

Theatrical The debate continues as to whether 3D exhibition is still building steam or is leveling off as measured by per-screen takes and such. Home Video Studios used the Comic-Con get-together to try and drum up interest in their upcoming home video releases, an effort to staunch the bleeding that's been going on in that… Continue reading Finding an Audience: Distribution Notes for 7/31/09

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Picking up the Spare: The Hangover, Transformers

The Hangover Tucked into a story about how entertainment and lifestyle sites are weathering the advertising downturn alright - and sometimes even growing - is a bit about how "what's cool" filter Thrillist ran a campaign for The Hangover that culminated in a New York City party (cause that's what Thrillist does) with over 1,000… Continue reading Picking up the Spare: The Hangover, Transformers

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Quick Takes: 7/31/09

An effort by 20th Century Fox to get some "viral" chatter for I Love You, Beth Cooper has backfired. They paid a high school valedictorian to end her speech with a declaration of love for a classmate in much the same way the movie portrays, an attempt to show how the movie has inspired kids… Continue reading Quick Takes: 7/31/09

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Wrong question

If you ask people if they're fans of cookies (the little files that are dropped on your computer when you visit most websites) they'll say "no." Public opinion is that they're intrusive and people don't like being tracked like that. Ask the public if they like more targeted, relevant ads and having the social networks/forums… Continue reading Wrong question

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Movie Marketing Madness: Funny People

It's hard to believe that Funny People, opening this week and starring Seth Rogen, Adam Sandler, Leslie Mann and a host of others, is only the third film from director Judd Apatow. After all, the guy's name has been everywhere for the last three years or so, especially since 2007's Knocked Up become one of… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Funny People

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A media experiment

With the conversation around media organizations erecting paywalls around all their content gaining steam and ridiculous ideas like the AP throwing out the idea that you need a licensing agreement with them just to link to their content, I thought I'd run an experiment both here on MMM between now and the end of August.… Continue reading A media experiment

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Neville Hobson walks through just how the interactive ad for "Dollhouse" Season One DVDs and their integration of Twitter works. Pretty cool.