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MMM in 2009

2009 was another...interesting year here at MMM. I think there's been the usual mix of good and bad stuff that I've published. I took October off completely. I've found that the worst thing I can do for traffic is actually publish - seriously, my visit stats go up every time I don't write anything and [...]

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Hive conversations

As part of the launch of the Hive Awards, a series of videos was produced featuring Adweek's Brian Morrissey instigating interviewing Noah Brier, Ian Schafer and Hive Award founder Alan Wolk. Below is the first of the three videos and you can check out the second and third installments at Ian's site. Good stuff. [...]

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It’s a funny squeaky sound

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You smell like beef and cheese

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Pete Schweddy

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Ringing of the Bells, Muppet style

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Movie Marketing Madness: The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

If you had just one word to describe the public reputation of director Terry Gilliam what would it be? Here are some options: Troubled; Visionary; Auteur; Delayed. All of these could be applied to just about any of the films Gilliam has made over the last two decades. How many times have we read variations [...]


Too cool for the room

After watching "Dollhouse" here's usually the progression of my thoughts: That was so cool OK, so let's figure out how these new revelations fit with what we know already OK, so let's figure out how these new revelations fit with what we know is coming via Epitaph One. Why isn't this the most popular show [...]

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Movie Marketing Madness: Sherlock Holmes

"Get a new attitude and come back when you're ready." That phrase seems to be a favorite both of parents with children who need an attitude check (especially around this time of the year as stress levels are approaching "Chernobyl") and movie studio execs who have been thumbing through the list of properties they own [...]

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Earned, owned and paid media – and the convergence thereof

OK, so I more or less agree with Forrester's lumping of "types" of media in marketing parlance. The one quibble I have with it - and it's admittedly small - is that "earned media" still means things like getting a client in the newspaper since that practice has not gone away, it's just that other [...]