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Movie Journal: Last Life in the Universe (Ruang rak noi nid mahasan)

’m not going to even try and offer a review of this movie. It’s touching, sad, funny and unique. Eric Campos sums it up best in his review so check that out instead.

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Elizabethtown trailer

Just the other day I posted my thoughts on the internet-only "first look" at Cameron Crowe's Elizabethtown. Today brings the actual official trailer. Is it as good as the earlier clip montage? No, but that's just because the trailer looks like it was put together by the studio whereas the clip looked like it was… Continue reading Elizabethtown trailer

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Pretty Persuasion official website

The website for this funny, sexy and original black comedy has been launched. Click through for a trailer, photo gallery and more. I have to say the more I see for this movie the more I like it and want to see it. --Chris

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2046 poster and official website

2046, the new movie from director Wong Kar-Wai, now has a poster and official web site courtesy of Sony Classics. The poster is pretty cool visually and definitely conveys the fact that this movie is a bit on the trippy side with its panels of disconnected images. The site is pretty full of content, including… Continue reading 2046 poster and official website

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Night Watch 2 trailer

I have no idea what is going on this trailer since I haven't seen the first one and don't, you know, speak Russian. Despite that this looks pretty cool. It's got action, it's got sex, it's got what looks like a vaguely supernaturally tone. All set against post-communism Eastern Europe backdrops. Pretty cool. --Chris [Thanks… Continue reading Night Watch 2 trailer

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I’m doing the iPod dance right now…

Actually, no I'm not? Want to know why? First a brief digression: I just got my iPod (60GB) about 2 1/2 weeks ago and absolutely love it. Almost all my free time at home now includes ripping CSs to iTunes for eventual transfer. I bring it to work and listen to it there. I'm listening… Continue reading I’m doing the iPod dance right now…

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Movie Journal: Batman Begins

Warner Bros. certainly had their hands full in relaunching the Batman franchise. Overcoming so much ill-will was not going to be easy. And, I’m happy to report, they succeeded. Batman Begins is not meant to be an extension of the series, first directed by Tim Burton and then by Joel Schumacher, that ran from 1989… Continue reading Movie Journal: Batman Begins

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Movie Journal: Audition (Odishon)

Holy shit. A mild tempered drama about a middle-aged man who holds a phony movie casting call in order to screen for a new wife goes from 0 to 60 in, literally, nothing flat. There are a couple weird moments before the grisly conclusion but nothing that prepares the viewer for what’s to come. This… Continue reading Movie Journal: Audition (Odishon)

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V for Vendetta poster

V for Vendetta Click through to the official Warner Bros. site for V For Vendetta to check out the new (and very cool) poster. --Chris [Thanks to ComingSoon for the heads-up.]

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Movie Marketing Madness: War of the Worlds

How bad does Steven Spielberg have to be feeling right now? He makes a movie with Tom Cruise one of the biggest stars in the world, involving an alien invasion that's based on a classic H.G. Wells novel. That novel was the foundation for one of the greatest publicity stunts of the 20th century when… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: War of the Worlds