IMBINGE: 1/31/12

Me: #thilksonit Him: You just referred to yourself in the third person with a hashtag Me: Yes...and it was magnificent

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Hashtags in Super Bowl ads (Video)

Trying something new and recorded a video with my thoughts about including hashtags in advertising and marketing efforts. This is very much an experiment right now so there's no editing that's gone into it. If this continues I may try to pretty it up a little but for now just wanted to see how it… Continue reading Hashtags in Super Bowl ads (Video)

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CES 2012

Last week I had the experience of attending the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, my first time at CES. I was there assisting a client who had a major presence there with their live publishing from the show floor to their blog, Twitter and Facebook platforms. Client responsibilities meant I didn't have a… Continue reading CES 2012

A Brief Digression

“Who am I, Haslam?”

My response to Voce's Matt Podboy when asked whether I knew which movie he was quoting.

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Piling On

The other day Gini Dietrich was wondering if more harm than good is done when writers regurgitate someone's latest failings in the realm of public relations in general and social media public relations specifically. I'm going to come down very much in the "harm" column on this topic. There are lessons to be learned by… Continue reading Piling On

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The End

As I announced yesterday on CT.WP, what was originally intended to be a month off for reflection has quickly turned into the decision to shut down Movie Marketing Madness. I've decided that my energies are best put elsewhere at this time and MMM will not be operated as an ongoing concern. Even more dramatically, I'm… Continue reading The End

A Brief Digression

Closing the book on MMM

After doing some thinking about priorities, time available and generally what I want to be spending my time on I've decided to, for all intents and purposes, mothball and shut down Movie Marketing Madness. Sometime in March will simply cease to be (a stark reminder of how transient web content truly is) and I… Continue reading Closing the book on MMM