The Poster

How can you not like this poster? It looks so much like a Sears ad that the company signed up for some cross-promotion. Seriously, though, it is a good poster and gets the whole point of the movie being about a close-knit group of girls very well.

The Trailer (Apple, Yahoo!)

Again, this is a better trailer than I really would like to admit. While it starts off very poorly (anything set in a dressing room scares the bejeesus out of me) it quickly rights the ship. There seems to be some genuine emotion in the movie and isn’t just a too-cute flick full of mooning over boys and such. Interestingly, the conceit of the pants is dropped pretty quickly in the trailer and most of it is devoted to actual plot setup.

The Website

The site is very teen-girl friendly and, quite frankly, is a little garish. I’m turned off by the sheer quantity of pastel and other bright colors here but I’m not exactly the target audience. For that group the site is a smashing successs.

There’s an audio welcome message by one of the cast when the Flash site is entered and most of the A/V content is sub-divided by character as well as in the more traditional groupings. Also of note is that this site lets users register for show-time alerts and wallpaper for their cellphones. Since study after study shows that mobile phones are the most important portable device among teens and pre-teens this is a great way to cater to the audience.

There’s a bunch more on the site but these are the real standout portions.