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Underworld: Evolution official website

Sony has seriously upgraded the official website for Underworld: Evolution, the sequel to Underworld (which was the subject of my very first Movies on the Brain column.) There's now a whole host of content there, including a gallery, a game and more. If you're looking forward to this one - a group that does not… Continue reading Underworld: Evolution official website

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Wells on Underworld trailer

Jeffery Wells has a great quote that sums up his thoughts on Underworld: Evolution. The trailer certainly gives every indication it's a straight programmer and strictly a paycheck movie for the talent. If it rises even a tiny bit above the level of pure bilge I will buy a red rubber enema bag and do… Continue reading Wells on Underworld trailer

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Movie Marketing Madness: Match Point

Like a lot of things, I came to appreciate Woody Allen later in life. I had been prejudiced against him in childhood by a ridiculous story my mother told (repeatedly) that skewed my view of the Wood-man. In the early 90's I came close to getting into him when I watched Husbands & Wives but,… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Match Point

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Thank You For Smoking trailer

What exactly is life like for the men and women who act as the public face of industries such as tobacco, alchohol and firearms? Thank You For Smoking follows the spokesman for Big Tobacco, played by Aaron Eckhart as he tries to navigate a life where he is openly villified and hated. It's a very… Continue reading Thank You For Smoking trailer

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Factory Girl poster

JoBlo has a look at the first teaser poster for Factory Girl, starring Sienna Miller as Edie Sedgwick. Very cool and Miller looks just smoking hot.


Microsoft and Yahoo vs. AOL and Google

Yahoo and Microsoft are reportedly working together so that users of their proprietary instant messaging and other free internet services can talk to each other.  Compatability across platforms will enable users greater freedom to use their preferred software regardless of what their friends or coworkers are using. What it means for the larger internet industry… Continue reading Microsoft and Yahoo vs. AOL and Google

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Movie Marketing Madness: The White Countess

I'm a sucker for period dramas. I find the recreations of bygone eras more than interesting and when they're done well they truly do transport you back in time to that point in history. The lastest such film that has flown onto my radar is The White Countess. The movie stars Ralph Fiennes and Natasha… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: The White Countess

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RV trailer

RV (or, as it was originally called, Johnson Family Vacation With White People) stars Robin Williams as the head of dysfunctional family who rents an RV in order to get everyone to bond. Hilarity, of course, ensues. Much of that involves Williams acting like a clueless jackass and/or poop. Check out the trailer here to… Continue reading RV trailer

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When A Stranger Calls trailer

If you've seen the opening 10 minutes of Scream or, really, any teen horror movie from the last ten years or so then you'll be able to predict the entirity of the plot of When A Stranger Calls. If there are any surprises in the movie (creative ones, not "BOOO!" ones) then they were completely… Continue reading When A Stranger Calls trailer

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300 official website

Warner Bros. continues to curry my favor (like they actually care) with their websites. The latest is for the Frank Miller graphic novel adaptation 300. They've launched the site with not only ordinary things like a Synopsis and Downloads but also with a Production Blog. This is the kind of thing I've been asking for.… Continue reading 300 official website