MMM in 2010

2010 was quite a year for MMM. Despite a work schedule that's been busier than ever (though largely because of the writing time that's been available on long flights) I published a record 87 Movie Marketing Madness columns, began semi-regular contributions to AdAge and have been doing a bunch of other things as well. Another … Continue reading MMM in 2010

Movie Marketing Madness: Blue Valentine

Relationships take a lot of work. When you first meet someone you find attractive it's all pheromones and the rush of the unknown and new as your heart beats a little faster, your palms get a little sweaty and your nerves keep you on your toes and ready to jump at the slightest chance to … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Blue Valentine

Movie Marketing Madness: Biutiful

The question of what we would do with our lives if we knew our time on Earth was short is one many people struggle with, particularly after we lose someone close to us or have some other sort of traumatic event. It's been the subject of many a movie but most of those answer the … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Biutiful

If I had one wish this Christmas season…

Mee mee mee mee

Season’s Eatings

Away in a Manger

Always Be Cobbling

What Christmas is all about

Quick Takes: 12/23/10

Gruvi is an interesting film recommendation Facebook app that lets people signal their interest in a movie, see if their friends are already fans, organize movie outings and even provides additional related content. The service is, according to its founder, gaining traction overseas and is looking to expand to both general audiences and to studios. … Continue reading Quick Takes: 12/23/10