Whether you’re looking for a writer who can handle blog posts or website copy or someone to help guide your content strategy, I have the experience you’re looking for and am available for your project.

Read more about that experience and those skills on LinkedIn, then view my freelance work, bylined writing and notable client projects.

Outside of those specifics, what I bring to every project is an off-kilter point of view. That’s helped me not only push client projects in unexpected directions but also identified potential problems before they become reality.

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Work and Freelance Portfolio

Over the years I’ve contributed extensively to the archives of the internet. I’ve written for and managed the blogs of many of the companies and PR agencies I’ve worked at and contributed bylined op-eds and news stories to some of the leading marketing industry publications around. You can view those stories and see the rest of my freelance portfolio at Contently. Details on major work and freelance projects can be viewed in my portfolio.

Work Projects

Freelance Projects

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Job Losses, Like Coronavirus, Could Be Nearing a Second Wave

Of course the first wave never really ended, but let’s move past that. This is what the official unemployment rate looks like, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (PDF), as mapped out over the last two years. The problem has been exacerbated by the continued resistance of Congressional Republicans to pass another round of … Continue reading Job Losses, Like Coronavirus, Could Be Nearing a Second Wave

Remote Learning Is Prepping Kids For Lack of Work Privacy

[Extreme Dr. Forrester voice] I know who you are and I saw what you did.] Stories like this have been coming out with some regularity since late March as schools across the country invest in some mix of digital tools to monitor students during online classes and physical equipment to track them and take their … Continue reading Remote Learning Is Prepping Kids For Lack of Work Privacy

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Everyone’s career path is unique, sometimes not going in directions expected or planned for. This is how mine has played out. You can also view my experience by category and what services I offer to clients.


  • Joined Bacon’s Information (now Cision US), where I stayed for the next seven years. In that time I gravitated toward the emerging world of “New Media,” which positioned me on the forefront of the online publishing trend.


  • Became part of Bacon’s Information’s online media monitoring team, helping to launch and maintain the first version of that software.

film threat logo2004

  • Joined FilmThreat.com as a freelance writer, first publishing Movies on the Brain and then Movie Marketing Madness.


  • Wrote the Introduction to Blogs and Beyond Blogs white papers for Bacon’s Information.
  • Launched the now-defunct Bacon’s Blog to extend the company’s voice into the growing world of online publishing
  • Joined the team at Weblog’s Inc as a freelance writer, contributing to blogs like TVSquad, Cinematical and AdJab for the next two years until they were shut down or folded into other sites.


  • Joined MWW Group as a New Media Specialist, helping to guide client programs involving blogs, wikis and more, including the then-nascent world of social networks.
  • Began contributing regularly to the blog for DialogueMedia, MWW Group’s digital marketing team. (archived here)

nikon d802007

  • As part of my job at MWW, I helped run the Nikon D80 influencer program, a influential blogger outreach effort that established many of the best practices still in place today.
  • Joined MarketingVox (now folded into MarketingCharts) as a freelance writer, covering news in the marketing and advertising industries.


  • Joined Spout.com, a now-defunct social network for fans of independent films, as the site’s Marketing Director. While there I started a company blog to communicate updates more fully to the site’s members. (archived here)

voce logo2009

  • Joined Voce Communications as part of its Voce Connect team specializing in social media marketing. In my seven years there I not only handled client programs but also managed the agency’s website, blog and social media accounts, including publishing from events like WordCamp Orlando and others.
  • Managed all content-related tasks related to the relaunch of VoceCommunications.com.
  • Began contributing regularly to Voce Nation, Voce’s corporate blog.


  • While at Voce, I managed an internal influencer program for Intel designed to position ~15 subject matter experts as external thought leaders, resulting in increased media attention and more.
  • Began a regular email newsletter of industry stories that I sent to members of the Voce Connect team to keep everyone updated on the latest in the fast-changing world of social media marketing.
  • Created a series of white paper-like technology overviews meant for internal knowledge-sharing that were regularly updated over the next five years.
  • Began publishing a series of freelance byline pieces at AdAge.com discussing movie marketing news and trends.

dc comics new 52 justice league2011

  • Began managing the social content program for DC Entertainment, a program that grew exponentially both in terms of audience size and program scope between July 2011 and December 2015. Voce’s work with DC began around the time the company was promoting The New 52, a line-wide relaunch of books and characters.
  • After Voce Communications was acquired by Porter Novelli, I took over management of that agency’s website, blog and social media profiles as well.

porter novelli logo2012

  • Began managing the social content program for Sony Entertainment Network, Sony’s just-launched music and video download services, a program that would continue for the next three years.
  • Expanded the internal “Weekly Reading” email newsletter I’d been producing to the entire global Porter Novelli network.


  • Added management of the PNConnect website and blog, launched to promote the combined digital/social capabilities of the whole Voce/Porter Novelli team, to my responsibilities.


  • Managed all content-related tasks related to the relaunch of PorterNovelli.com, including the reformatting and recategorization of hundreds of blog posts from the old site, rewriting and editing copy related to services and product offerings and more.


  • Began contributing to Adweek.com and TheDrum.com, writing regularly for both on movie marketing news and trends.
  • Began freelancing and contracting full-time, taking on clients that involved ghostwriting long-form content including white papers and research articles as well as some social media writing and management.

cinematic slant square2017

  • Launched CinematicSlant.com as a home for self-published movie-related writing and op-eds.


  • Began a contract position at RSM US LLP as a social media manager, a position that included not only managing social profiles but also bringing a fresh perspective to strategy, reporting and other aspects of the marketing effort.
  • Began contributing to HollywoodReporter.com, writing campaign recaps and other posts related to movie marketing.

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