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As if the wiki needed more staying power

On Friday morning, CNET's Dawn Kawamoto wrote about SAP's headfirst dive in with a big chunk of the $4 million in capital investment for Socialtext, the wiki software firm. If anyone was still holding out on whether the wiki was a strong tool for business use before, then this should most certainly be the… Continue reading As if the wiki needed more staying power

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The Week in MMM: 9/30/05

Still coming at you from Little Rock, AR. I've been out of town three days this week and so haven't been able to do as much off-the-cuff writing as I'd like to. So here's another recap post of things happening this past week. Posters Aeon Flux: Sure, Charlize Theron is hot but this poster and… Continue reading The Week in MMM: 9/30/05

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Hi, everybody!

It's amazing what a mention on a well read adverting blog such as AdFreak will do for not only your ego but also your visitor traffic. Thanks to AF and I'm glad you enjoy MMM.

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Serenity TV spots quote "buzz"

I'm coming to you live from Little Rock, Arkansas right now and have the TV on in my very nice hotel room. Anyway, I just saw a commercial for Serenity, which opens tomorrow. The spot talks about how we've all heard "the buzz" about Serenity in various traditional media outlets such as Newsweek and others… Continue reading Serenity TV spots quote "buzz"

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Movie Marketing Madness: Serenity

I came to Joss Whedon’s world late.  My brother-in-law had been chiding me for not watching Buffy, the Vampire Slayer for a while until, toward the end of its sixth season, I finally relented.  He loaned me a whole box load of tapes of the early seasons for me to watch and by the time… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Serenity

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Chronicles of Narnia playing to Christian audiences

If you have any doubt as to what audience Disney is counting on to make the first installment in The Chronicles of Narnia a hit, look no further than Christian music station KLOVE. The station, heard across the country, is giving away tickets to the London premiere of the family film, an adaptation of the… Continue reading Chronicles of Narnia playing to Christian audiences

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The Week in MMM: 9/23/05

OK, not a lot of time to give everything its own post today so you get a recap. This is done for your benefit and so that I can clear out my RSS reader of saved items. I'm going to break off trailers into a separate post, though, since there are so many I still… Continue reading The Week in MMM: 9/23/05

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Movie Marketing Madness: The Corpse Bride

Let me just get this on the record: I'm tired of computer animated films, even those from Pixar.  There.  Now you all know that I really am the heartless SOB everyone has long suspected I was.  I don't think they bring anything new to the film lexicon, there's nothing inherently different or unique about them… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: The Corpse Bride

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Just Friends trailer

It seems there might be more to the plot of this Ryan Reynolds comedy then I initially thought. He plays a music producer who, while on tour with a band fronted by a hot chick (Anna Ferris) runs into his dream girl from high school (Amy Smart). The problem is that in high school he… Continue reading Just Friends trailer