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Microsoft sows anger and confusion

In the past I've been hesitant on this blog to criticize the actions of other agencies and how they handle blog programs, even egregious examples like fake blogs being setup and other clear violations of the playground rules. It might be out of a sense of decorum - that it's simply bad form to lay… Continue reading Microsoft sows anger and confusion

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Quick Takes: 12/28/06

Happy Birthday to me. 12/28/74. Keith O'Brien is also talking about the intersection of video games and movies. Like Keith, I marvel that there hasn't been a Big Lebowski video game to date. It would have to, of course, include the phrase, "Don't mess with the f****n' Jesus." The Newsarama blog passes along some predictions… Continue reading Quick Takes: 12/28/06

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Movie Marketing Madness: Children of Men

"In a world..." is the worst possible way to start off a trailer or, Heaven forbid, an actual movie. Maybe it was alright once, a long time ago, but that phrase has now become so cliched thanks to its use in so many spoofs and parodies of trailers and movies that it's now meaningless. But… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Children of Men

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End of the year housekeeping

Just wanted to drop a few notes here at the end of the year about the site. First off, I've turned my Amazon Store into a sort of list of my recent readings. You'll see I've been quite busy reading some very good books. Some I've reviewed some I haven't but they're all absolutely worth… Continue reading End of the year housekeeping

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RIP Gerald Ford

I just happened to be watching my new Simpsons: Season Eight DVDs this morning and saw this, which I felt it appropriate to share.

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Quick Takes: 12/26/06

The DVD release of Alex Rider: Stormbreaker has been branded with a "Blockbuster Exclusive" sticker since this is from the Weinstein Company. Jeff Wells doesn't like the 2007 Oscar poster either, saying all the lines on it are ones that he's already sick of. Completely agree. See a suitably whacked-out online ad for Pan's Labyrinth.… Continue reading Quick Takes: 12/26/06

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Paying for advergames

I'd originally intended to write this up for AdJab but, the more I thought about it, the more I thought it was a better fit over here. eMarketer has a report on advergames and how effective they can be as marketing tools. Specifically they focus on Burger King's $3.99 Xbox games featuring their King mascot.… Continue reading Paying for advergames


LOTD: December 26th

Rounding some stuff up from before the holiday as well as this morning. An Australian court has ruled that simply linking to copyrighted material is enough to be an offense. Jackie and Ben show how one blogger's efforts led to mainstream media coverage of some controversial cameras in downtown Chicago. That coverage then resulted in… Continue reading LOTD: December 26th

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Not looking pretty for the theater chains. DVD releases are happening sooner because studios are desperate to recoup the money they didn't make during the theatrical release, the audience is increasingly choosing to stay home and play video games and prices are just too high for people to go out. That could lead to 2007… Continue reading 2007

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Quick Takes: 12/23/06

I've got a bunch of official websites to review and trailers to watch but here's some misc. news to get you through the holiday. Be back soon. Amazon will begin offering digitally downloadable versions of the movies that go through their CustomFlix niche service. The downloads will be sold through the controversial Unbox system. Chicago's… Continue reading Quick Takes: 12/23/06