It is with sadness that I have to announce I am leaving Bacon’s.  I have very much enjoyed the exchanges I have had with all of you in this space, and I will miss it.  However, I am sure that we will connect again sometime, somewhere in the blogosphere… With my departure this Bacon’s blog… Continue reading Goodbye

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Odds & Ends: 4/28/06

I keep saying I'm not going to link to these and then I see something that's hilarious, like "C For Cookie" Craig brings us "Run, Tom Run." Alan pretty effectively disects the trailer for Lake House. You can listen to the full new Neil Young album "Living With War" online. Pay attention to the various… Continue reading Odds & Ends: 4/28/06

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Seven tips for movie marketing

I wrote this little "Seven Secrets" column for the Los Angeles Times. Check it out. Seven Secrets to Movie Marketing Magic - Los Angeles Times P.S.: Tom gives me a shout-out with a great post title: "Chris Thilk thinks he's cool because he's in the LA Times."

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Odds & Ends: 4/24/06

For reasons that will soon be explained (one of which is a sick child) I'm clearing out the items I have marked as "bloggable" and starting fresh. Oy. In case you've been wondering what the billboards that just say "6-6-06" are promoting, it's The Omen remake. It and other new releases in a variety of… Continue reading Odds & Ends: 4/24/06

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Dance in smarty-pants

You Know a Lot About Blogging You got 6/8 correct! Your not a total blogging geek yet... give it time. How Much Do You Know About Blogging?

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iMediaConnection: Movie Marketing and New Media

The ease with which blogs and podcasts have given just about everyone a voice that can be distributed around the world is a bit misleading and elusive. Starting a blog is incredibly easy and inexpensive; it's creating content and maintaining its place in the world that gets a tad tricky. That's why companies -- including movie… Continue reading iMediaConnection: Movie Marketing and New Media

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Odds and Ends: 4/18/06

Film Journal has an interesting feature up on the business behind creating movie trailers. The Secret Wars Reenactment Society is hilarious. More YouTube fun with this video that recuts "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" clips so it looks like the show is a wacky, "Friends"-like sitcom. (HT to bro-in-law) Jeffrey Wells gets into the industry mindset… Continue reading Odds and Ends: 4/18/06

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Fox Searchlight hires new VP publicity

Fox Searchlight has hired Melissa Holloway as its new vice-president of publicity. Holloway had previously been at Lionsgate. Technorati tags: movie marketing, fox searchlight, lionsgate

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Odd and Ends: 4/13/06

Bunch of cool stuff, some of it marketing, some not but all germane to the discussion going on here. If you enjoyed my thoughts about branding and how it relates to the movie biz, then this post from the IABC will be right up your alley. Mark Glaser does a pretty good job of putting… Continue reading Odd and Ends: 4/13/06

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Movie Marketing Madness: Scary Movie 4

When the Zucker Brothers created The Kentucky Fried Movie all those years ago I don't think they knew quite what they were unleashing into the world. Since it and the other ZAZ productions (the "A" coming from partner Jim Abrams) introduced what could be argued was at the time a new genre into the film… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Scary Movie 4