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Finally showing off PNConnect

I’m a couple days late to this, but wanted to highlight a big development from earlier this week: We finally raised the curtain on PNConnect, a new initiative that’s focused on client publishing programs and helping companies create strong, sustainable social content marketing strategies.

Here’s the thing, though: This isn’t really anything new. Yes, it’s a bit more formal and we’re putting together some very cool bells and whistles that take advantage of the unique insights into this tactic that Voce/PN has. But we, as an agency, have those insights because these are the kinds of programs we’ve been developing for clients for years, well before “content marketing” became a buzzword or anyone was talking about “real time marketing.” This is, to coin a phrase, a well-traveled road for us.

This is a big deal and is something that a lot of people have been working much harder on than I have. And it’s great that this is finally public and we call can be talking about it.

You can check out the PNConnect site here for case studies, our blog and much more.