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Quick Takes 6/30/07

All of these deserve longer write-ups but, as usual, I just don't have the bandwidth right now. I'd remind you all to keep reading ProHipHop. Even if you're not into the musical genre Clyde has a section devoted to theatrical and DVD releases from rap/hip-hop stars that should be of interest to MMM readers. While… Continue reading Quick Takes 6/30/07

Movie Marketing Madness

Movie Marketing Madness: Transformers

A large part of me is still surprised this movie got made. After all, a big-screen, live-action version of the Transformers franchise is pretty unlikely – at least it was until about five years ago, when computer graphics got good enough to make such a movie doable in a way that wouldn't look ridiculous. Still,… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Transformers

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Quick Takes 6/28/07

Paramount Pictures has consolidated its international and home video ad accounts at Mediaedge:cia, the incumbent home of its domestic account. The Los Angeles Times looks at how video games based on movies have evolved from critical flops - even if they were big sellers - to valuable franchise components. One key is that the movie's… Continue reading Quick Takes 6/28/07

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Studios trying to work around Olympics

Studios have already planned out the opening days for some of 2008's biggest films, but those plans had to factor in the presence of the Olympic Games and a European Soccer Championship, reports Variety. Studios are concerned the two major sports events happening next summer could siphon off audiences, especially internationally. While the games may… Continue reading Studios trying to work around Olympics

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I'm planning on attending BlogOrlando in September. The unconference, planned and organized by Josh Hallett, should be a lot of fun and extremely interesting considering the lineup of speakers Josh has assembled to tackle different social media topics. Not only will it be great to learn more about the business I'm in and the area… Continue reading BlogOrlando

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Quick Takes: 6/26/07

Karina Longworth was quoted by Anne Thompson in Variety in a story about how online buzz still hasn't fully supplanted the power of the professional critic in the minds of most consumers. That's a fair point but I think that while it's true for the mainstream it's not necessarily the case for smaller films and… Continue reading Quick Takes: 6/26/07


LOTD: 6/26/07

Law school rankings, once the domain of once-a-year publications aimed at those considering a degree in that field, are now being handled by blogs. Even worse for those publishers, they're becoming more of a factor in future attendee's decisions. (CT)Today's Meta of the Day award goes to MightyBids, an online auction site which has gone… Continue reading LOTD: 6/26/07

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Congratulations to the Jaffe family

Before I try to catch up on all the stuff I ignored over a three-day weekend I want to send out great big congratulations to Joseph Jaffe and his family on the addition of a new baby boy to the brood. Seems everyone was doing well and the child has already called on agencies to… Continue reading Congratulations to the Jaffe family

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Takin’ a 3-day weekend

Actually, with some traveling, I'm doing I probably won't be posting regularly again until Thursday or so.

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Slightly Longer Quick Takes 6/22/07

Paramount is planning a big licensed merchandise push for The Smurfs that includes new toys, games and more. They'll also be looking for cross-promotional deals as they seek to revitalize the brand. There have been rumors - silent lately - of a big-screen animated flick about the little blue characters and this may be the… Continue reading Slightly Longer Quick Takes 6/22/07