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Kill me now (which is earlier than I said that last year)

Christmas advertising has already begun, with Kmart rolling out their "now buy on layaway" campaign a couple weeks ago and everyone else aiming at November 1st. Next year we're starting, when, Labor Day?


Statement of Principles

I'm not sure which commentary on Roger Ebert's rules for movie critic behavior I like most. The contenders: Pete: "That fans of Date Movie don't respect their own income stream isn't my problem." OR Karina: "But also, as Gary Susman notes at PopWatch, most of the Rules seem to directly reference Ebert’s At the Movies… Continue reading Statement of Principles

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Undead and loving it

The Spout crew was out and about in downtown Grand Rapids, MI last night to capture video of an attempt to put on a World Record-setting Zombie Walk. Read all about it and check out the video here.

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Movie Marketing Madness: Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Director Kevin Smith has stated frequently that his movies seem to have, for the most part, a $30 million dollar or so ceiling at the box-office. The mix in his films of raunchy humor and genuinely felt emotions has an appeal that extends to just about that many people and few others, never quite breaking… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Zack and Miri Make a Porno



It seems funny to me that McCain is all of a sudden running on the idea that he should become President because a check is needed on the Democrats that will control (likely by a sizable majority) both branches of Congress. This is humorous mainly because the notion that Congress (or the courts) should in… Continue reading Inconsistent

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More like this

Hulu had a brief technical problem that took the site completely off the Internet for a period of time the other night. They then put up an absolutely fantastic explanitory post that included some of the user speculation as to the cause of the problem.

Makin' the Funny

Biro and his fiancee invade The Early Show

Nikon (a client of my former employer MWW Group) has a program they're running called Look Good in Pictures. The campaign involves a microsite, a Twitter account and, apparently, having people in whose wedding I'm standing up appear on CBS' The Early Show. Lara, the unfortunate victim in said wedding, is the first person sitting… Continue reading Biro and his fiancee invade The Early Show

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Movie Marketing Madness: Changeling

It's interesting (if now seen as a bit heretical) to note that prior to 1992's Unforgiven, Clint Eastwood was a solid if only moderately remarkable actor and director. Don't get me wrong, he's always been great. But his filmography is made up prior to that point of Westerns, cop pictures and some rather formulaic studio… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Changeling

Online Insanity

WIN for the loss

I've little doubt that the numbers being touted today about the growth of the Weblogs, Inc. blogs in the three years since the network was acquired by AOL are real. But nobody's looking at these numbers with any sort of critical eye or with any context of what's happened over the last three years given.… Continue reading WIN for the loss

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Piling on the bandwagon

I don't think the importance of the Chicago Tribune's endorsement of Obama for President can be understated. The paper has exclusively endorsed Republican candidates in the past and their throwing McCain under the bus means they don't have any faith in either his ability to lead or at least don't think he's going to,… Continue reading Piling on the bandwagon