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Ryno on The Simpsons?

Steve Sax, who retired three years after “Homer at the Bat” and did time as a financial adviser before becoming a life coach and motivational speaker, acknowledges a sizable debt to the show. (The writing staff’s early preference for second base was Chicago’s Ryne Sandberg.) “Sometimes, fans would yell, ‘Hey, how’s Homer?’” Sax told me. … Continue reading

NCM encroaches on the TV upfront

Add one more digital media company that will be looking to take advertising share away from the TV business this spring with a glitzy upfront presentation to Madison Avenue. NCM Media Networks, which digitally programs ads across 18,300 movie-theater screens in the U.S., will be aiming to sell about 60 percent of its annual inventory … Continue reading

Lists of Note: Henry Miller’s 11 Commandments

Don’t be nervous. Work calmly, joyously, recklessly on whatever is in hand. via Lists of Note: Henry Miller’s 11 Commandments. Fantastic advice from Henry Miller. 

Iterate or stagnate (video)

Another video with absolutely no post-production and barely an idea of what I was going to talk about before turning the camera on. Enjoy.

Stevie Ray Vaughan – Crossfire

Stevie Ray Vaughan – Crossfire – YouTube. Love the guitar but can’t get enough of the organ.

Career change

Couldn’t make it to the whole thing this year…

… but did hit the vespers service Friday night.

Does ‘Liking’ a Brand Drive User Loyalty? – eMarketer

Limited consumer engagement with brands on Facebook suggests there may be a disconnect between the reasons why consumers actually “like” a brand and the reasons brands think consumers are “liking” their page. When the CMO Council asked Facebook users in Q4 2011 about their expectations after “liking” a brand on Facebook, the top expectation (67%) … Continue reading

Information Does Not Want To Be Free

Information content does not want to be free.  Instead, information just wants to be distributed friction-free.  Thats a big difference, and also the massive opportunity that should be at the center right now. via Information Does Not Want To Be Free. Read the whole thing as it makes a lot of sense and is a … Continue reading

Can’t wait to learn how to be a social media strategist

I give Christopher Barger (and most of the rest of the Voce Connect team) a hard time whenever the opportunity presents itself, but that’s largely because I just like these folks so much and think they’re among the smartest individuals in the industry today. So while I dislike the guy personally (see above) I’m anxious … Continue reading

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