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Who you gonna call?

Splash Page has the details on a new Ghostbusters comic from IDW that reportedly picks up after the second movie in terms of continuity.

Finding the Audience: Distribution Notes for 7/30/08

“Boring, baby-maintaining adult” and one of my favorite AdFreaks David Griner picks up on “social viewing” being the common thread between Netflix’s new distribution deal through the Xbox 360 and Disney’s Blu-ray Sleeping Beauty functionality. And he rightly pegs that sort of feature as something that’s going to be increasingly important to younger viewers. Don … Continue reading

Picking up the Spare: Dark Knight, Iron Man, WALL-E

The Dark Knight There’s an application for the iPhone or the iPod Touch that allows you to add the scrawled Joker make-up to any picture of yourself, whether it’s something you already have or something you take using the devices. This is exactly the sort of thing that I thought should have been part of … Continue reading

Search doesn’t play by the old rules

I hope everyone enjoys this story on how the expense of search marketing keywords makes engaging in keyword buying an option and not a necessity for movie marketers. The problem they run into, something that pushes the cost of the keywords up is that the movies being advertised feature famous people, famous people who everyone … Continue reading

QOTD: 7/29/08

Karina: (Yeah, this is a trend) It’s not a writer’s job to protect the stupid. Unfortunately too many media outlets – and by extension their writers – think that’s exactly what their job is.

The new paradigm

So now that Tom has publicly let the cat out of the bag about his new gig at MTV I feel comfortable mentioning what’s going on in my world. Now that The Biro has moved on to try and become the next Ed Lover I’m doing what I can to take up the slack in … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: Step Brothers

(Note: Yes, this should have gone live last week. Schedules and circumstances prevented that from happening, but since I had it almost completely written anyway I figured I may as well push it out. Apologies all around for the delay.) I was talking with someone recently about how much better a certain singer’s performances are … Continue reading

QOTD: 7/28/08

Matt Groening (via Anne Thompson): Q: Where do you get your jokes from? A: Family Guy.

QOTD: 7/26/08

Karina: Sorry. I’m at Comic-Con, which makes me feel like a fucking sexpert, just because I’ve had it. (Slam!)

Movie Marketing Madness: X-Files – I Want to Believe

Shhh…Don’t tell anyone – least of all 20th Century Fox – there’s a new X-Files movie coming out shortly. I mention that because up until the very last minute, the studio seemed content to not worry about promoting the movie very much at all. The movie’s release date kept getting closer and closer with no … Continue reading

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