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Photos from BlogOrlando

Yesterday I finally got around to uploading my photos from BlogOrlando, both the event itself and the previous day's tour of Kennedy Space Center, to Flickr and you can now view my BlogOrlando2007 photo set. I met a lot of great people, most of whom I snapped pictures of. Constantin Basturea and Joseph Thornley. John… Continue reading Photos from BlogOrlando

Movie Marketing Madness

Movie Marketing Madness: The Darjeeling Limited

No one, I don’t think, has ever accused director Wes Anderson of having a lack of vision. The guy has churned out a series of films that are almost all vision. Movies like Rushmore, The Royal Tennenbaums and The Life Aquatic are all lavishly detailed, portraits of a world populated by people who who can’t… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: The Darjeeling Limited

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Shared items on the side

I've decided to put clips from my Google Reader link blog over on the sidebar. I'm just going to keep it there from now on. There was no way I was going to get through to write posts on all the stuff I'd seen over the last few days so this was just easier. Regular… Continue reading Shared items on the side


BlogOrlando is underway!

Tom and I are both well into the day here at BlogOrlando, the fantastic conference that's been organized by Josh Hallett. So far this morning we've gotten Josh's introduction and a keynote from Shel Israel before breaking off into the different tracks. Tom led the first session in the PR/Comm track talking about his love… Continue reading BlogOrlando is underway!

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Quick Takes: 9/26/07

Watchmen directory Zach Snyder has posted a video greeting from the set of the movie that, while interesting, doesn't include any glimpses from the film so you can all settle down, thank you very much. The issue of Lust, Caution and the MPAA gets another look from the LA Times, taking the point of view… Continue reading Quick Takes: 9/26/07

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Off to Orlando

So I've got one more Quick Takes post queued up for later tonight and then will be off to BlogOrlando for the next couple of days. That means posting will be even lighter than it has been recently. I'll likely be doing some event-blogging both here and at my work blog, OpenTheDialogue, from the shindig,… Continue reading Off to Orlando


LOTD 9/26/07

Following up on Tom's post with advice to Netflix from a few days ago, Ron at Grok says Netflix has implemented some of the changes to its website that he originally advocated. Despite the fact that Ron says no one from Netflix actually contacted him it seems that someone was at least listening. Joe Jaffe… Continue reading LOTD 9/26/07

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Quick Takes 9/25/07

IFC Films has tapped two films of theirs to to break the release window by hitting theater screens and video-on-demand at the same time. Far from two also-rans, these flicks star known names and are generally anticipated by movie lovers. Nikke Fine points out the constant barrage of hinder-covering by The Weinstein Co. and MGM… Continue reading Quick Takes 9/25/07


LOTD: 9/24/07

Danny Sullivan at AdAge makes a point that I don't think gets enough mentioning, which is that search-engine-optimization is primarily a public relations tool. The idea behind SEO is similar to that of PR, which is to have a brand name of some sort appear as a non-paid listing or mention. Sullivan also wisely points… Continue reading LOTD: 9/24/07

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Good Luck Chuck promotional package

Last week while I was out I got a promotional package from Lionsgate for Good Luck Chuck. Of course I took pictures. The package contained a replica of the penguin-sporting panties Jessica Alba wears in the movie and which make a brief (LOL) appearance in the trailer for the movie. You can see the whole… Continue reading Good Luck Chuck promotional package