Movie Marketing Madness: Take Shelter

Ask any decent father what he would do to protect his family and the answer would likely be "anything," "whatever I needed to" or some variations thereof. We are hard-wired with the capacity to love boundlessly and to take whatever actions are necessary to make sure our wife and children are safe from whatever dangers … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Take Shelter

Movie Marketing Madness: Margaret

How much responsibility do we shoulder for the actions of others? A strict moral code would say that whenever we see someone do something wrong it's our job to first confront them, ask them to confess their actions and deal with the consequences. But what if, in doing so, we would cause another, equally bad … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Margaret

Movie Marketing Madness: Dream House

Sometimes the house you live in starts to feel like an actual member of the family. Much like only family members know certain secrets or other facts about others they also know the secrets of the house. The particular way to unjam that one door, how the downstairs sink needs to be turned all the … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Dream House

Movie Marketing Madness: Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil

What's the biggest misunderstanding you've been involved in recently? Did you tell your spouse that you wanted a Whopper Jr. when they brought dinner home one evening only to be presented with a Whopper, only to laugh about how that's just too much Whopper? Did the Russian agency misread your application and send you a … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil

Movie Marketing Madness: 50/50

"Gallows humor" sometimes gets an unfair knock. Someone's decision to laugh in the face of hardship or even their own mortality is sometimes seen as a sigh that they don't really get the seriousness of a situation or are making light of something that really shouldn't be laughed at. Most often reality is far from … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: 50/50

Movie Marketing Madness: Moneyball

Growing up a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan I have a...skewed perspective on baseball. My formative years (read: up until the age of 34) were during the ownership of the club by Tribune Co., meaning if I had a nickel for every conversation that included the phrase “...well they’re making plenty of money even by losing … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Moneyball

Movie Marketing Madness: Straw Dogs

“A man’s home is his castle” is shopworn cliche that is more than a few years old and more than a little outdated on multiple levels. While the sentiment is notable and understandable - that a guy should be comfortable and in charge of his household and be the protector of that household, shielding his … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Straw Dogs

Movie Marketing Madness: Restless

We all want to be loved for different reasons. For some it’s fun. For others it’s life-affirming. For others it’s more selfish, that they feel they deserve to be loved regardless of anything else. even if we are the most selfless, least arrogant people in the world there’s likely still a small part of us … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Restless

Movie Marketing Madness: Contagion

Few things freak me out more than movies or stories about viruses. It’s not that I’m a germaphobe - though I do carry some sort of hand sanitizer bottle with me just about everywhere - it’s that the idea of an unstoppable pandemic that sweeps across borders in no time scares me on a fundamental … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Contagion