Instagram Gets Out of the Square

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But by doing so it also removed what had been a significant point of differentiation between it and other apps. If there’s nothing unique about Instagram – and the square photo format was a singular point since Twitter in particular has rolled out photo filters itself – then what’s it’s “thing?”

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Facebook Traffic Passes Google Traffic

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Any tactic that works should be used. You can like the current trend in online publishing or loathe it (I fall somewhere in the middle) but these are the current set of an ever-changing set of rules. That’s the thing about the content marketing field, there’s always something new to learn and adjust to. But it’s also the responsibility of those of us tasked with giving counsel to our clients – and ourselves – to make sure that short term bets aren’t made that will make long-term payoffs impossible. So a balance of solid, time-tested SEO and current, play-to-the-Newsfeed tactics should be found. Going all-in on one or the other is often a mistake.

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Young People Love Them Some Messaging Apps

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There are a variety of factors that hinder publishing programs from fully embracing these apps, ranging from access – most programs simply aren’t designed to produce the kind of content that works well on Snapchat et al – to content differentiation, or defining the unique value proposition for the audience on one of these apps. None of these can’t be overcome, though, with a little creative thinking and, to address the first point, getting the right kind of access.

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Collected thoughts on the future of Chicago media

Last night I opened my computer, fully intending to get some writing done while occasionally checking on Twitter to get updates on the Cubs game. Well the game was delayed because of rain but then I noticed the super-bright Scott Smith was having a conversation where he was soliciting thoughts and opinions on how to build a better media landscape in Chicago. I offered my own paltry takes, which made it into Smith’s Storify collection of everyone’s offerings. There’s a lot of great thinking in here, so read the whole thing.

Howl and the Premium User Experience

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…there are a few things this app gets right and which point to the importance of owning your distribution points. Anyone can go to iTunes and subscribe to any of these podcasts at no charge. And for many that will be fine. But there’s a hardcore group of fans who want more and will gladly pay that $5 a month for access to get more from their favorite shows or the ability to experiment and try out things they otherwise wouldn’t have come across.

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Facebook Goes Long-Form with Notes

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It seems a bit strange that a new front in the blogging wars would be opening in 2015. But with Medium looking to grow its sphere of influence over the last couple years it’s only natural, it seems Facebook foe that time was right to make a move to capture some of that market share and throw its considerable weight around to pull people’s attention. It remains to be seen if this is indeed the first shot in a larger push into long-form updates. If it is it’s unclear who exactly the target audience is since the demographics of Facebook are, to put it mildly, in flux.

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Tinder’s Twitter Diatribe Was Kind of OK…

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In and of itself what Tinder did makes sense along those lines. They felt the story was unfair to them and so went on Twitter to speak to that feeling. That’s fine. So where did this go off the rails and turn into a target to be made fun of? There are a couple factors that play in to this:

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