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Monkey strong bowels

If you're looking for something to occupy your time now that you finished the Powerpoint presentation you said it would take another week to complete, the entire first four seasons of "Newsradio" are on Hulu. You're welcome.


QOTD: 1/30/09

David Parmet: If your success depends on getting people to ‘do something,’ anything they wouldn’t normally do or be inclined to consider doing, you are going to fail. That includes visit your web site, join your proprietary social network, wear your t-shirts, whatever. On the other hand, if you can create a compelling case, or… Continue reading QOTD: 1/30/09


A small request

Can we get live-streaming of the television upfront sessions in May? Cause honestly I think they might be the funniest programming the Internet has ever seen.

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The best reason to switch to full-content RSS feeds

Your competitors are already doing it. If you think I'm going to click to your site when you offer just a headline and a summary when, 25 items farther down in Google Reader I can read a story on the same topic and see in full the graphic you're only teasing in your feed, you're… Continue reading The best reason to switch to full-content RSS feeds

Movie Journal

Movie Journal: Opportunity Knocks

Dana Carvey is, as you'd expect, the primary reason to watch Opportunity Knocks. The movie, released in 1990 (which was actually around the time his popularity on SNL was beginning to wane) casts Carvey as a con-man who goes around pulling small time jobs to keep him and his partner out of debt to a… Continue reading Movie Journal: Opportunity Knocks

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Get it? The initials are “RFP” – HAH!

I had this idea last night and, because this is the sort of thing you can do on the Internet, I created Real Freelance Professionals. From the introduction: The idea was born because I began to realize that there are still a lot of companies who are looking for very specific social media marketing guidance,… Continue reading Get it? The initials are “RFP” – HAH!


Republican arguments against the financial stimulus package

Disingenuous on every level.


Not sure what the scariest part of this picture is

Holy crap. Listen to the way he goes on and on in his many media appearances this week. The man actually believes what he's saying, despite the fact that he apparently has no understanding of constitutional law or anything like that. He's not insane - he's fully delusional.

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Finding an Audience: Distribution Notes for 1/26/09

Mark Cuban acquired a bit more of a stake in the theater chain Carmike Cinemas. Comments from Cuban, who also owns Landmark Theaters, Magnolia Pictures and 2929 Entertainment, show that he's not just thinking about movies but about using these screens in a way that enhances the out-of-home entertainment experience. Paul Sweeting at ContentAgenda rightly… Continue reading Finding an Audience: Distribution Notes for 1/26/09

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Oscar nominations will push some films out to broader audiences

The key quote in this Variety story is this line: Quite simply, the nominations are a linchpin in selling specialty titles to the public. Many of the movies nominated yesterday for Oscars are getting wider releases this weekend or in the next couple of weeks, something that was planned all along by their respective studios.… Continue reading Oscar nominations will push some films out to broader audiences