Movie Marketing Madness: Terri

What’s the most fundamental thing you can think of for any human being? The most fundamental need? We all just want to be understood, don’t we? We need someone - anyone - to really make a connection with and be someone who *gets* who we are and what we are trying to say about ourselves, … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Terri

Movie Marketing Madness: Transformers: Dark of the Moon

What's the opposite of clearing the bar? When something or someone attempts to follow-up a great success the usual commentary is that they set the bar high the first time and now will need to clear that in order for the second thing to be seen as being as successful or innovative as the first … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Movie Marketing Madness: Larry Crowne

It’s said there are no second acts in American life. True, the source might have been speaking in general about those who occupy a bigger stage than many of us will ever achieve - politicians, actors, sports heroes and the like. In fact, though, many of them go on to have vastly successful second careers, … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Larry Crowne

The Communications API

A while ago it seemed about 3/4s of the items in my RSS reading one morning dealt with APIs. This service was using that existing site's API, some other had just changed the terms of service on theirs and thrown developers for a loop and so on. While I try to keep up on this … Continue reading The Communications API

Movie Marketing Madness: Cars 2

How does that song go? “We hate it when our friends become successful?” The idea, of course, is that when someone we know and who’s been close to us all of a sudden becomes successful at something not only are we jealous of them doing well where we haven’t but are also resentful of how … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Cars 2

Career goals

For someone in the office to consistently play the MST3K credits theme whenever I leave the office for the day.

That’s putting it lightly

Movie Marketing Madness: Bad Teacher

Jobs are taken for a variety of reasons. In some cases a given position is selected because of its benefits, because of its proximity to where we live or because of the flexibility of the hours allows us to manage the rest of our lives efficiently. There’s even the remote possibility that what we do … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Bad Teacher

Movie Marketing Madness: Green Lantern

(Disclosure: Voce has been doing some work with DC Comics of late, but much - around 90% - of this column was written before that project started. Just want to get that out there.) There are some superheroes who are meant to go into space and some who just aren’t. If you read any of … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Green Lantern

Movie Marketing Madness: The Art of Getting By

Sometimes the best laid plans we have for our lives can be interrupted by the sudden appearance of just one variable. In some cases that’s a person in others it’s a choice between one path and the other but in each case there’s the distinct possibility that whatever we had planned and however we thought … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: The Art of Getting By