be the jedi you know you are

I’ve been doing this for 40+ years and thought I was the only one, but it turns out not only do others do the same thing but Ewan McGregor is among our number: Because it turns out McGregor has, in fact, acted like every single Star Wars fanboy attempting to spice up an otherwise boring … Continue reading be the jedi you know you are

we’re still making workers jump through unnecessary hoops

Why haven’t employer expectations changed? A couple weeks ago LinkedIn announced a new feature offering people a new way to “explain” a career break or other gap in their resume. According to the Adweek story linked above, the “Career Break” feature was driven in part by the pandemic and the large number of people who … Continue reading we’re still making workers jump through unnecessary hoops

celebrating two years @ gonoodle

It’s been Champ-tastic Last week marked my two-year anniversary as Director, Content Programming at GoNoodle. For those unfamiliar with GoNoodle, we offer hundreds of videos designed for kids – especially younger kids – to help them get active, learn to manage their emotions, explore creativity and more. In those two years there have been … Continue reading celebrating two years @ gonoodle

social media experience vs. learning

Let’s talk about this story about the maturation of “social media manager” as a job. The basic premise – that the responsibilities usually covered under that title have certainly evolved and now play a major role in the organizations where they work – isn’t wrong. But that doesn’t mean it’s wholly correct, either. In no particular order: … Continue reading social media experience vs. learning

on sweet tooth

“Sweet Tooth” an adaptation of the Vertigo series from writer/artist Jeff Lemire, debuted on Netflix earlier this month and has been accumulating positive reviews and word of mouth. The series’ debut caused me to realize it was almost exactly a year ago I first encountered the comics it’s based on. In summer 2011, Voce … Continue reading on sweet tooth

editors, blogging and platform/publishing confusion

Rough couple days for the media, mostly because the rules have been thrown out. Over the last few weeks a bruhaha has been bubbling around Substack, the hot new email publishing tool that allows writers to charge subscription fees to readers. The substance of that is nicely summarized by Annalee Newitz: Substack is not merely … Continue reading editors, blogging and platform/publishing confusion