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Marketing Madness in 60 Seconds: 6/26/09

Advertising/Marketing Yes, the FTC is looking into paid placements of online mentions that aren't fully disclosed by the author. But I'm hoping that what Andy Beal says is right and that most writers won't have to worry about it since there's nothing wrong with what they're doing. For those worried, a simple bit of disclosure [...]


QOTD: 6/26/09

Jon Fine: But can we please agree to stop using each major breaking news story as an excuse to flog your favored hobby horse, whether it’s “new media can’t do what traditional media can” or “old media is sluggish and nonresponsive”?

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Finding an Audience: Distribution Notes for 6/26/09

Home Video Redbox's kiosks are taking business away from Netflix. It's not that surprising since those kiosks very much serve the hits-driven head of the Long Tail consumer market and so are going to be attractive to the pedestrian traffic that their placement in McDonald's restraurants and outside Walgreen's stores draws in. Online/On-Demand You can [...]

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Picking Up the Spare: Terminator, Star Trek, Transformers, Watchmen

Terminator: Salvation James dropped me a line to let me know he had snagged an online ad that Visa created as part of a promotion they were running for Terminator: Salvation. Star Trek Star Trek - and Terminator - was among the most searched topics in the month of May according to Nielsen. The report [...]

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What’s the thinking behind a re-tweet

Daniel Honigman asks: Does a re-tweet equal an endorsement? While I certainly concur with the point behind Dan's anecdote about journalists double-checking things before randomly re-tweeting - and the larger caution that anything that can't be verified should be re-tweeted with care - I think the answer to Dan's question is, almost universally, "Yes." A [...]

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Dispelling the “free advertising” myth

This New York Times story on "free advertising" has my irritation levels set on maximum. That's because it's centered around one of the most persistent - and wrong - myths about social media and word of mouth marketing: That it's free. It's this particular paragraph that I'm going to take issue with: What does free [...]

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The “sponsored conversations” issue finally comes to the forefront

In the marketing industry we've been dealing with the idea of "sponsored conversations," the euphemism developed by Forrester Research for when a brand in some ways directly pays for a blog post of some form, for years. It used to be cut-and-dried: Paying a blogger to write about an issue was wrong any way you [...]


Anniversaries big and small

The Augsburg Confession was presented to Emperor Charles V on this date in 1530. It's been one year since the formation of Brothers of John the Steadfast, named after one of the men who signed that document. You'd think the two were tied together in some way. Oh right. They are.

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Movie Marketing Madness: Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen

The general rule of thumb for sequels is that they have to be bigger than the original film. Cram more of whatever seemed to have work in the first movie into the second because hey, the audience responded to it the first time around so let's just add more of it for the second outing. [...]

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No, it's not your imagination. Nor is it deja vu. It's just the annual story about how summer time is a place where there aren't films for grown-ups. The truth is that this is ridiculous on its face. There are plenty of movies out there for grown-ups and others not interested in slapstick, action heroes [...]