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One-sheet musings

Seems there's a bit of commentary going on over the sorry state of movie posters. The main complaints (and they're justified) is that they are boring, uninspired and often focus solely on the celebrity-of-the-moment that happens to be in the movie. I have to admit that they do have a point. Truly original and creative… Continue reading One-sheet musings


The Onion adds RSS

Humor site has not only redesigned their website, but they've added RSS feeds for daily and weekly content.  Consider me subscribed.--Chris

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Movin’ on up

Congratulations to Tom Biro, who I mention often, but each time deservedly.  Tom has been appointed Director of New Media Strategies at MWW Group and will focus on all sorts of new media and communication technologies.  Not only am I glad he got such a great job but I'm glad AdJab won't be losing him… Continue reading Movin’ on up

Movie Marketing Madness

Movie Marketing Madness: A Sound of Thunder

"What if...?" conjecturing always makes good fodder for story tellers. Take a simple concept, preferably something historical and alter just one decision or action and all of a sudden you have a whole new outcome and situation. The key is you have to do it well or it just comes off as half-assed hackery. Which… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: A Sound of Thunder

Quick Takes

Quick Takes: 8/29/05

According to a survey RSS use is on the rise among key influencers. To anyone who's been paying attention for the last year at least this should come as a no-brainer. For anyone who hasn't, now's the time to start paying attention to this.Over at AdJab I noted how IDG Entertainment had started an ad-supported… Continue reading Quick Takes: 8/29/05

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Is the record business changing?

Warner Music Group has announced they will begin experimenting with three-to-four song albums, abandoning the long-play record format altogether for the first time.  The goal is to stop the ever-growing (at least in the mind of record company executives) piracy of songs via services like Grogster and others.Unless Warners in particular and the industry in… Continue reading Is the record business changing?

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Getting linked

Yesterday I got an email from Tom Biro, who not only is the Gandalf-type figure at AdJab but also runs TheMediaDrop, inviting to me join his LinkedIn network. I seemed to remember hearing about the site at some point but had never explored it further. Well thanks to Tom I started playing around in the… Continue reading Getting linked

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The Week in MMM: 8/26/05

In lieu of a podcast I'm just going to do a weekly wrap up what's been happening. Turns out AudioBlogger only allows for about a five minute recording session, which is about 25 minutes shorter than I was planning on. I may investigate a better way to do this but will have to figure that… Continue reading The Week in MMM: 8/26/05

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More on Google Talk

One more thing for today on the topic of Google Talk - If anyone wants to add me to their contact list they can do so.  chris-dot-thilk-at-gmail-dot-com.Since GTalk is only available if you have a Gmail address if you need one of those feel free to contact me at the same address.--Chris

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Talking about Google Talk

If anyone is interested (and I know you all are) in my initial impressions of Google Talk you can cruise on over to AdJab.  I'll have more to say after I continue to play around with it tonight.--Chris