LOTD: 2/28/07

  • Google Maps now includes real-time traffic information for a bunch of new cities, including right here in Chicago. No actual commute times but still a nifty guide to see what routes to avoid. (CT)
  • I so very much would love to be a fly on the wall as marketers in Boston discuss guerrilla marketing tactics. (CT)
  • Steve Safran puts yesterday’s stock market drop in perspective, something that was sorely lacking amidst all the screaming headlines. I’m not saying it wasn’t bad, especially for those directly affected, but in the grand scheme of things a little bit of big picture reporting wouldn’t have hurt anything. (CT)
  • At least I’m not the only one frustrated at the crazy way “old media” sometimes reports about online happenings. (CT)

…and the sun rose in the east…

Daley rolls on | Chicago Tribune

Years ago I saw the re-enactment of a Second City skit where a radio reporter announced the reelection of Richard M. Daley who says that in addition to Hizzoner getting another term, bears still s**t in the woods and the Pope is still Catholic.  Seems as relevant today.

Alan Arkin is Boss

Alan Arkin to Get Smart – ComingSoon.net

My anticipation for this film just went from “meh” to “yippee!”

This from the back-up system?

Computer glitch triggered Dow Jones plunge

If this had happened in Boston there’d have been a lot of exploded plastic penguins

Flamingos on Michigan Ave

Explanatory press release.

Seriously, this is dumb

Advertising Age

CareerBuilder’s decision to ditch CK because of one survey is just asinine.

No hall call for Santo

Santo victim of cruel process | Chicago Tribune

The fact that Ron Santo isn’t in the Baseball Hall of  Fame, coupled with this annual “will this be the year” exercise, has me honked off beyond belief right now. This is a guy who spilled his guts on the field his entire career and has continued to broadcast Cubs games despite diabetes that has cost him both legs. He loves baseball, something that can’t be said for a large number of the people who have or do play the game.

Citizen Marketers excerpt online

If you haven’t been convinced yet to purchase “Citizen Marketers” by Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba there’s now an excerpt online over at iMediaConnection.

Quick Takes: 2/28/07

  • The San Francisco Chronicle is benefiting from some of the publicity surrounding David Fincher’s upcoming Zodiac.
  • More thoughts from the Strategic Name Development guys on the GM/Transformers cars.
  • Marvel.com has a quick background primer on Iron Man for those not familiar with the character, specifically as he will be portrayed in next year’s big screen film.
  • While this BusinessWeek story is talking about homemade art, many of its branding lessons are applicable to the movie business and other fields.
  • Films made with black stars, some of which deal with specifically American black issues, don’t do well oversees where those issues and themes aren’t as relevant.
  • Some filmmakers actually like the extra exposure video-sharing sites give their works and aren’t thrilled with the big media companies taking down content left and right.
  • The Wild Hogs guys (sans Martin Lawrence) showed up at the premiere and posed by some bikes for the press. I swear the look on William H. Macy’s face makes it look like he’s thinking about what he’s going to drop in his agent’s drink for signing him onto this.

Meow = Whatever

Tom: i’m starting 9th life for cats.