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Leaks reporting

So here’s my question around the WikiLeaks controversy: Instead of – or in addition to – reporting on what the documents published by WikiLeaks actually contain, has there been any investigative reporting done on who might be the one who provided those documents to the site? That seems like some actual reporting that might be … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: The King’s Speech

We all have our troubles to overcome in life. Some people might be incredibly shy and have problems interacting with others. Some people might have some crippling emotional issues that impact everything they do. We all have some sort of hurdle to clear before we can work and play well with others. Me? Being incredibly … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: Love and Other Drugs

There are few things that make me uncomfortable. OK, that’s just an outright lie. Just about everything makes me uncomfortable. I wake up feeling awkward and it just gets worse form there. But very few make me as uncomfortable as the commercials for erectile dysfunction drugs. Stuck in-between the beer spots and ads promising us … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: The Next Three Days

Many movies are about examining the lengths one will go to in order to save someone we love. That could mean fighting the pharmaceutical/medical/insurance industries for a treatment that will save a child, it could mean plowing through the ranks of French soldiers during the French-Indian War to save a woman after promising to find … Continue reading

Hollywood’s Super Bowl plans still unclear

The AdAge story from a couple weeks ago (11/1/10) that provides the first round-up of what advertisers have already made plans to appear in Super Bowl XLV oddly includes no movie studios. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any movie commercials within the game’s broadcast – that would be extremely odd – it likely just … Continue reading

Settling down

I might be reading this a tad too optimistically but these moves by WGN Radio, which come on the heels of the ousting of the program director who had caused much of the upheaval that had alienated me and likely a lot of other folks in the last two years, seem like good things and … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1

Earlier this year I covered the campaign for Shrek Goes Fourth, the fourth and reportedly final chapter in that saga. The extent to which you may have bought that story depended on a number of things, I would suppose, including the extent to which you’ve felt the recent resurgence in “reboots” of classic franchises were … Continue reading

Quick Takes: 11/12/10

Anne Thompson talks about The Way Back and how it’s indicative of the state of independent film right now, including how it’s going to run up against the issue of not having a huge marketing campaign behind it. Movie studios were the single biggest category of advertisers for the first episode of Conan O’Brien’s TBS … Continue reading

Voce Nation: Why Conan O’Brien won at the internet

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Technorati’s 2010 State of the Blogosphere report

The number that sticks out at me most from the latest Technorati State of the Blogosphere report is that 81 percent of those surveyed have been blogging for over two years. Many of those who consider themselves professionals – either because they work with a corporation or are their own media business – are writing … Continue reading

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