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Year One of Movie Marketing Madness 3.0


A little over one year ago I decided to restart Movie Marketing Madness. I was, quite frankly, feeling the itch to do so again, primarily because I wanted to regularly write something unique and didn't just want to keep doing the same "Here's what I think about the latest social media news" type of posts. … Continue reading Year One of Movie Marketing Madness 3.0

HubSpot Email Certified

hubspot email certification

One of the my goals for my time after the recent...unpleasantness...was to increase my skill set. I was really good at a number of things but could be better at others. So the first thing on my To Do List was to explore an area I'd dabbled in but never really learned much about: email … Continue reading HubSpot Email Certified

Making Some Changes Here…


I've been mulling some changes in focus and where I put my efforts and have made some decisions that are going to be of interest to like five of you, but whatever. First, I'm going to change up my Movie Marketing Madness TinyLetter distribution. Instead of copying/pasting the full MMM columns into the email I'm … Continue reading Making Some Changes Here…

Time Off

I'm taking some time away from the blog this week, in case that wasn't already clear. There are some After the Campaign posts that were already written that are queued up for the next week or so but other than that I've decided to take the rest of this week and take care of some … Continue reading Time Off

To Each His Own When It Comes to Writing


As a writer, there’s nothing that simultaneously fills me with more joy and more anxiety than reading. I’m a firm believer in the maxim that if you want to write you need to read, but sometimes, I’ll admit, it just freaks me the hell out. That’s because I’m always concerned I’m missing out on the … Continue reading To Each His Own When It Comes to Writing

Nuzzel’s Newsletters Come With a Directory


Hopefully you're already subscribing to my TinyLetter newsletter, which lets you get Movie Marketing Madness columns via email about 90 minutes before they're up here on the site. And if you're not already you can sign up here to get PNConnect Weekly Reading, our regular roundup of important social media and content marketing news. Now … Continue reading Nuzzel’s Newsletters Come With a Directory



I broke down a couple weeks ago and joined Letterboxd, the social network for sharing your movie viewing activity and opinions. It's caught on in a big way with a lot of movie writers and critics and has been in the news quite a bit recently, especially around the recent launch of its first iOS … Continue reading Letterboxd

After the Campaign Programming Notes

I should note this is a question no one was asking but which I feel compelled to answer regardless, specifically regarding the After the Campaign feature here. The notion behind this feature is to write about how well a movie itself measures up to the marketing campaign that helped launch it. Did it intentionally or … Continue reading After the Campaign Programming Notes

More Indie Film Coverage in 2016; Here’s How to Get Involved

nobody walks in la

A while ago I came across the film Nobody Walks In L.A. The filmmaker, Jesse Shapiro, had already shot the film but was running a Kickstarter to cover the cost of licensing the music he wanted. The trailer he’d put together made it look like a nice little character piece about a guy being pulled … Continue reading More Indie Film Coverage in 2016; Here’s How to Get Involved