What I Was Writing In December

In case you noticed, December was pretty quiet around here. I shared the few posts I wrote for Adweek and The Hollywood Reporter, but that was about it. Cinematic Slant remained active, but I made the intentional decision to take the month off from writing on this site. That’s because I’m working on a book. … Continue reading What I Was Writing In December


Movie Marketing Millennia

Yesterday I published my 1,000th movie marketing recap column/blog post. 1,000. It’s hard to believe. I certainly never would have guessed I’d hit a milestone like that when I first pitched the idea to FilmThreat in May, 2004. The idea that you need to do something for 10,000 hours before you get good at it … Continue reading Movie Marketing Millennia

Showcasing Fiction

In my time off from publishing on the regular here I decided, as is often the case, to do something dumb. For context, a while ago I deleted all the “Fiction” posts I had published here because, quite frankly, those posts were only some of what I’d written and various short stories and other material … Continue reading Showcasing Fiction

Getting the Ball Rolling Again

You’ll hopefully forgive me if it seems like the new year is off to a slow start around here. That’s only because the new year is off to a slow start around here. See...I took some time off. I know. That’s weird, right? But for at least the week following Christmas, I didn’t worry about … Continue reading Getting the Ball Rolling Again

What I Wrote in 2017

528 posts on ChrisThilk.com. 233 posts on CinematicSlant.com. A number of posts here on Medium (the exact number is iffy because many were cross-posts from those other blogs. 23 posts on Adweek. 15 posts on The Drum. Countless freelance assignments. A not-insubstantial number of Twitter, Facebook and other social media posts. 1 complete novella. A … Continue reading What I Wrote in 2017

Starting The Month With a New Focus

Do one thing well. That’s the thinking behind a shift in focus and strategy I’ve been working on regarding my online publishing and how I present myself to the world. After all, as I’ve stated before, the goal of all those efforts is to find more freelance work, making it a bigger part of my … Continue reading Starting The Month With a New Focus

Busy, Just Not Publicly

Things have been kinda quiet around here. There certainly hasn’t been the kind of post volume I’ve come to expect from myself. Even the volume on Cinematic Slant has been down a bit as I focus on the Marketing Recap columns there. Yesterday I only published one post here, a Quick Takes link roundup, only … Continue reading Busy, Just Not Publicly

Expanded (Complete?) Agency Archives

Over the years I’ve been one of the primary writers for a number of corporate blogs for my employers. Those posts and articles represent a substantial portion of my professional portfolio and provide insights into what the prevailing conversations were at the time as well as how I viewed the blog medium and what I … Continue reading Expanded (Complete?) Agency Archives

Two (More) Years of Movie Marketing

It’s been two years since I decided to relaunch regular posts about the world of movie marketing. Two years since I committed to doing this again after having taken almost three years off from doing so. When I did so I was still employed full-time but thought my workload made maintaining marketing recaps as an … Continue reading Two (More) Years of Movie Marketing

Introducing Cinematic Slant

It's with no small amount of pride and enthusiasm that I introduce the world to Cinematic Slant. That site is going to be where I funnel most, if not all, of my movie-related writing. So that's where you'll find campaign review posts, film reviews and other news and opinion pieces about movies and other pop culture … Continue reading Introducing Cinematic Slant