Movie Marketing Madness: The Artist

Stars can fall just as fast as they rise. The attention span of the celebrity following public is, and always has been, notoriously short. As soon as one star or starlet captures the attention of the public they're already looking for another that is newer and more exciting to follow. The moment one is found … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: The Artist

Movie Marketing Madness: Hugo

One of the many things that can keep parents awake at night is the question of what we're leaving behind for our children. Not just material or financial but also emotional. If we should pass away before our children are grown - or even if our passing is after they're older - we want them … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Hugo

Movie Marketing Madness: The Muppets

If you ask me it doesn't get much better than good old fashioned Vaudeville. Marx Brothers, Hope and Crosby, Burns and Allen...even one of my favorite Billy Crystal movies is Mr. Saturday Night, an homage to that era of comedy. It's all about the writing and the timing with this sort of comedy and that's … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: The Muppets

Movie Marketing Madness: A Dangerous Method

My favorite scene in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is the one where Clark Griswold is in the department store while the family is out shopping. Distracted by the extremely hot clerk behind the lingerie counter he goes on and on about how it couldn't be any hooter hotter in the store and how the weather … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: A Dangerous Method

Movie Marketing Madness: My Week With Marilyn

These days we think we know the private lives of big stars. With paparazzi taking photos of them whenever they step out for a Slurpee with their kids and countless magazines, blogs and other publications ready to run them and elaborate on what their entire outing was like there seems to be no moment that … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: My Week With Marilyn

Movie Marketing Madness: The Descendants

We all play certain roles within our families. Parents are particularly likely to fall into specific roles depending on how much time they spend at home, what sort of pressures are on them in the world of their jobs and other factors. So it’s not uncommon for there to be the recognition that one of … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: The Descendants

Quick Takes: 11/14/11

THR has a list of all the winners of this year’s Key Art Awards. You can now download the iTunes Movie Trailer app for your iOS device. That’s kind of fantastic. The fact that the Oscars broadcast is at a time that makes it perfect for summer blockbuster advertising is counteracted by the fact that … Continue reading Quick Takes: 11/14/11

Getting your Google+ ducks in a row

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Movie Marketing Madness: Melancholia

What sort of attitude you ponder the end of the world with is largely dependent, in most cases, on your religious or philosophical point of view. Christians believe the world will end when Christ returns for a final judgement, bringing the redeemed to Heaven and ending the struggle here on Earth. Other religions have their … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Melancholia

Book Review: Drew Struzan Oeuvre

The new book Drew Struzan Oeuvre is a mixed bag. There's no doubt that it contains stunning representations of Struzan's work from throughout the years and across genres and categories of media. Projects not just from his movie-related work but also music, general entertainment and even personal commissions are included here and there's little way … Continue reading Book Review: Drew Struzan Oeuvre