Quick Takes: 8/26/11

Ben Fritz at the LA Times talks about a recent spate of studios announcing sequel release dates well before the original has even hit theaters, in some case a year or so out from when the first installment will be released. Yes, that's in part studios trying to claim prime release dates well in advance … Continue reading Quick Takes: 8/26/11

Movie Marketing Madness: Our Idiot Brother

How we manage the slings and arrows daily life throws at us greatly depends on our overall point of view, the perspective that we hold that we view things through. We can be optimistic, in which case things will almost always appear manageable. Or we can be pessimistic, in which case every new situation is, … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Our Idiot Brother

Movie Marketing Madness: Higher Ground

Religion is, of course, an intensely personal thing. Sure, you get up and you go to a church of whatever size and hopefully are able to make some sort of common confession of faith. But when it comes down to it what you believe is something that is, quite literally, between you and God. Different … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Higher Ground

Movie Marketing Madness: The Help

If you’ve been at all culturally aware for the last 20 years or so you’ll know there’s a consistent movement afoot to take books and other materials out of libraries and other locations that are, by current standards, ethnically or racially insensitive. Books like Tom Sawyer are often singled out because they contain racial phrases … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: The Help

IMBINGE: Death, By Comma Deletion

From an IM conversation with a co-worker while I was editing some copy he sent me: Me: (deletes comma) Him: Don't you even... Me: (deletes comma) Him: What's stronger than hate?

Movie Marketing Madness: 30 Minutes or Less

How we react and behave in high pressure situations defines us to a great extent. There are varying degrees of what can be considered “high pressure” that range from periods of great stress that last months or even years to just a few moments that carry high stakes for ourselves and those around us. It’s … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: 30 Minutes or Less

Quick Takes: 8/8/11

Some interesting stats from an AdAge survey regarding the number of trailers people think they’re watching as opposed to last year, what people think of the movie selection being offered this summer and more. The Children’s Advertising Review Unit has asked for an investigation into whether ads for this summer’s Pirates of the Caribbean and … Continue reading Quick Takes: 8/8/11

Movie Marketing Madness: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

"In a world...." is a popular and very stereotypical way for the narration of a movie trailer to start off. The idea, of course, is to setup the the movie's premise and tell the audience that the circumstances of a movie's setting are going to be different - or at least unfamiliar - from that … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Movie Marketing Madness: The Change-Up

Lucky is the person who is completely satisfied with the life they're leading. A lot of people, though, go through their lives wishing certain things were different or that their situation was changed. Even if they're very happy there can be moments where someone wishes this, that or the other part of their lives were … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: The Change-Up