What with my commitments elsewhere taking more and more of my already limited time I have been pondering the fate of Movie Marketing Madness: The Blog quite a bit. Should I let the dust collect until it seeks to be a destination of any sort? Should I say “Fuck it all” and just post whatever I want to post? Should I take a shower to get rid of this smell that’s been with me for five days now?

The answer to all these is “NO!”. So here’s my vision for the future of MMM:

1) The FilmThreat column will continue. There’s no question about that. I love the site, have met some great people and really enjoy writing that column each week (unless life dictates otherwise).

2) The blog will continue but in slightly altered form. Instead of regular updates on site launches, new trailers and such I’m going to segment it more and here’s how. Each day I will write a mini-column on a new movie for that week. The exceptions will be Wednesday and Friday. Wednesdays will be my day off to prepare next week’s FT column and catch up on other stuff.

This may evolve as time goes on but I wanted to solicite thoughts and opinions on this.

Thanks for sticking with me through this transitional period.