Capturing attention

I really think this post by Louis Gray on the deluge of information streams that are vying for everyone's attention is among the smartest and more important things I've read recently. Gray focuses on the social technological interruptions that are impacting our lives but all that has application for those who are creating "bigger" content … Continue reading Capturing attention

Movie marketing in an on-demand world

Reports have been circulating recently of Netflix's plan to launch a streaming-only plan (Los Angeles Times, 10/20/10) and Redbox looking for a partner to help launch a streaming effort (LAT, 10/28/10), both for customers who feel they have no need of any discs whatsoever. Couple that with this trend story (LAT 10/19/10) about consumer behavior … Continue reading Movie marketing in an on-demand world

Movie Marketing Madness: Wild Target

What compromises or last-minute adjustments have you made while doing your job for some personal reason? Maybe you were having a good day and so decided not to impose a late fee or some other penalty. Or maybe you made the decision to skip doing your job altogether because you realized life was short and … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Wild Target

Planning for disappointment

My latest AdAge column is my thinking-out-loud about the fascination the Hollywood trade press (and the blogs that riff off them) with writing postmortems on those movies that fail to live up to the expectations that have been set out for them. One point I didn't make in the column is that many of the … Continue reading Planning for disappointment

Movie Marketing Madness: Nice Guy Johnny

We all are, to some extent, the amalgam of the expectations those around us in our lives have had for us. We act this way to please our parents, that way to please someone we’re dating or married to and another way to please the people we’re friends with or work with. The best that … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Nice Guy Johnny

The continued relevance of corporate blogging

My latest post on Voce Nation deals with a study on the continued rise of blog use as a corporate communications and marketing tool. Again, I think studies like this - and the points behind the decision to launch a corporate blog, many of which are articulated in the study I reference - are important … Continue reading The continued relevance of corporate blogging

Movie Marketing Madness: The Company Men

I thank my lucky stars every day that the longest period I've been involuntarily unemployed for since the age of 16 (meaning I'm not counting periods in college where I didn't work) was about four days. Only once have I gone through the humiliation of actually losing a job and even then, well, I couldn't … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: The Company Men

Movie Marketing Madness: Hereafter

“No man should know too much about their own future.” Those famous words of wisdom were handed down from Dr. Emmett Brown at the base of the Hill Valley clock tower in 1955 but hold true for all of us. It can be dangerous for us to know what’s coming down the road for us … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Hereafter

Movie Marketing Madness: Paranormal Activity 2

Scaring someone once is easy. Pop out from behind a door and yell "BOO" when someone's not expecting it and you can get them to shriek like a little girl, jump back a couple feet and maybe, if you're lucky, they soil themselves just a little. But the next time they walk through that same … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Paranormal Activity 2

Movie Marketing Madness: RED

"An old man is twice a child" is one of Shakespeare's most famous lines, meant to highlight the fact that as we age we once again rely on our loved ones to care for and provide for us. We all get older and rely on our children - or our grandchildren - to make sure … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: RED