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Marketing at movie theaters

Marketing blogger John Cass is pondering the "lost sales opportunities" from not having DVDs available for purchas as you leave the theater. Let me give John's sentiments a hearty "Amen!" The thing about it is that it doesn't just have to be DVDs, though that's certainly a large pile of money that's being left on… Continue reading Marketing at movie theaters

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Black Dahlia newsreel

The other day I pointed out a newspaper insert Universal was using to promote The Black Dahlia. Well the retro-advertising keeps coming, this time in the form of a newsreel-esque video containing archival footage from the early part of this century, including that of the murder of Betty Short, who came to be known as… Continue reading Black Dahlia newsreel


We live in a democracy

Keith Olberman slaps around Don Rumsfeld and others who would question the patriotism of those with the common sense to question leaders who claim they know better and then go on to demonstrate exactly the opposite. The only one I'm willing to follow with complete faith is God. Everyone else should be subject to as… Continue reading We live in a democracy

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First three minutes of The Covenant online

You can now watch the first three minutes of The Covenant at the film's official website. Technorati tags: movie marketing, sony pictures

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The Departed is the sole advertiser on CBS show

Warner Bros. has bought the privilege to be the sole advertiser during the series premiere of "Smith" on CBS as a promotional platform for The Departed. That means only four minutes - two two-minute blocks - of advertising will be embedded within the show. Those two-minute blocks will be used by WB to provide some… Continue reading The Departed is the sole advertiser on CBS show

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Fandango’s fancy new ads

The PointRoll-powered ads now populating online movie ticket service Fandango are every bit as much about the marketing of movies as they are about making ticket purchasing easier. Here's why, straight from Dan Mohler of Fandango: Mohler: It's all about the consumer and making it easier for film fans to get access to the movies… Continue reading Fandango’s fancy new ads

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Are big stars enough?

There seems to be a seismic shift underway regarding the role of celebrities in the making and marketing of a variety of things, but specifically films. With people like Tom Cruise getting publicly spanked by a former corporate partner, high-cost comedies with stars like Jim Carrey getting pulled in pre-production and other such incidents, stars… Continue reading Are big stars enough?

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Costner and Kutcher visit Coast Guard stations

Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher, stars of the upcoming The Guardian, are visiting Coast Guard stations across the country to promote the film. The movie has the two starring as members of the Coast Guard, the grizzled veteran and the cocky newbie respectively. Be warned the Kutcher is atually quoted in the story. Technorati tags:… Continue reading Costner and Kutcher visit Coast Guard stations

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Recap of Veritalk’s Snakes on a Plane promo

iMediaConnection has a nice review of the "have Samuel L. Jackson call a friend" promotion from New Line and Veritalk for Snakes on a Plane. Technorati tags: movie marketing, new line

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Nickel’s Worth of Free Advice: How not to pitch

Darren got a pitch from a studio that started off with what I call a "conversation killer," "Dear Webmaster," Darren then went about doing what I warn people all the time is going to happen when they send awful pitches that aren't invitations to engage in an ongoing dialogue - he reprints the entire pitch… Continue reading Nickel’s Worth of Free Advice: How not to pitch