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Movie Marketing Madness: Wanted

In the fifth season of "Angel" there's a scene that was Wesley delivering some mystical weapons to seemingly bad people. Helping him with this is Fred, and when she brings one of the guns out the bad guy remarks on how hot he is. In retort she says something along the lines of "Wow, a [...]

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This trailer is anything but horrible

Felicia Day passes along the trailer to Joss Whedon's internet-only comedy Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. It's kind of the best thing I've seen in a long time.

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Picking up the Spare: Incredible Hulk, The Love Guru, Get Smart and WALL-E

The Incredible Hulk David Goetzi at MediaPost reviews the effectiveness of The Incredible Hulk's takeover of an episode of "American Gladiators." The promotion included outfitting some of the Gladiators with Hulk Smash Hands, an appearance by former Hulk Lou Ferrigno and an extended trailer at the end of the show, all of which added up [...]

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Before the Feature: In-theater ad revenue continues growth

New numbers from the Cinema Advertising Council show in-theater advertising revenue continues to grow rapidly. The group, which represents 82 percent of the screens in the U.S., reports revenue rose 18.5 percent in 2007 to land just short of $540 million. In 2006 revenues were $455.7 million. That's good news for exhibitors, who are seeing [...]

Movie Marketing Madness

Movie Marketing Madness: WALL-E

There are numerous pieces written whenever a new movie from Pixar is about to hit theaters about the studio's vision, their superb storytelling ability and the way they're able to craft movies that turn out to be darn near masterpieces every time out. All of this is, of course, true. Their movies notonly are wonderfully [...]


LOTD: 6/23/08

Adweek's Alan Wolk posted a great item about how brands can be "relevant" to people within the social networking world, and effectively asks the question whether non "rock star" brands can have success there. [via Ian Schafer on Twitter] (TB) You might have noticed that Gary Vaynerchuk's consistently-awesome Wine Library TV has a new home, [...]

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We’ve lost a master

Most people, when discussing the untimely passing of George Carlin, are focusing on how he pushed the boundaries of comedy with his use of vulgarity in his routines. While that might very much be true, I always thought it wasn't the words he used but how he used them. He seemed incredibly aware of words, [...]

Movie Marketing Madness

Movie Marketing Madness: Get Smart

I love the old Don Adams-starring television show "Get Smart." I have a lot of fond memories of watching that on basic cable back in my early/mid-80's childhood, where it was mixed in with rerurns of "The Munsters," "I Love Lucy," "The Dick Van Dyke Show" and other staples of classic television. The whip-smart writing [...]

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Finding An Audience: Distribution Notes for 6/18/08

Disney is planning for new interactive bonus features on their Blu-ray Disc releases. That would include things like more ties between the discs and the web, ranging from live web chats that allow viewers to connect to each other to video messaging. Some of those features will debut on the Blu-ray version of Sleeping Beauty. [...]

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Picking up the Spare: Hulk, Speed Racer and a bunch of award winners

The Incredible Hulk The Thursday before the movie's opening Marvel's Joe Quesada and other execs from the company rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange, with everyone appearing on the platform wearing Hulk Smash Hands just to complete the effect. Anne Thompson has a great round-up of the story behind the clashes (both [...]