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Movie Marketing Madness: Sex and the City

In the history of the cinema I don't think there has ever been a movie with as little cross-gender appeal as Sex and the City: The Movie. No, I'm dead serious. Other movies that are teary dramas or romantic comedies at least throw in a little something for guys, even if it's just a token [...]

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The best part is I actually sound coherent

Unlike some of my other appearances on traditional media outlets, I'm actually quite happy with how this interview I did for New Hampshire Public Radio turned out. I talk about things like how Warner Bros. is marketing The Dark Knight in the wake of Heath Ledger's death, the use of Facebook in the Indiana Jones [...]

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Picking up the Spare: Speed Racer, Iron Man and Indiana Jones

Have a bunch of stories that have come through since the various MMM columns on the movies below were published but which should be mentioned as extensions of the campaign. Speed Racer Something interesting has popped up in the wake of Speed Racer's sub-expectation performance at the box-office. Warner Bros. now finds itself in the [...]

Movie Marketing Madness

Movie Marketing Madness: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I made a big deal back in 2005 about how my desire to review the marketing campaign for Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith was one of my principle reasons for starting Movie Marketing Madness the year prior to that. Star Wars was – and still is – my all-time favorite movie [...]

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“And you know what, I’m trying really really really hard to cut back on the number of times I try heroin … a day.”

Before I get into things, let me just say that the comments and emails I've gotten telling me how much people enjoy MMM have meant a lot to me. They've been very encouraging and have played a large part in my thought process about the future of this site. Now as to that future, here's [...]


LOTD: 5/20/08

Sybase says that it'll have "corporate class email support for the iPhone" maybe as early as this year, according to Macworld UK (TB) The WSJ's Peter Sanders writes about news that Disney is set to close down its Virtual Magic Kingdom, and the challenges it is facing from its fans. (TB)

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Time off for some thinking

I've reached a point where I feel like I need to make a decision on the future of MMM. I just need to figure out where it - and I - am going and how it's going exist moving forward. There are things I want to do, there are things I don't want to do [...]

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A few housekeeping notes

Just wanted to share with you all a few quick notes about things here at MMM. First off, I had been planning on writing an MMM: Prince Caspian column for next week but have decided not to. There are a couple bits of thinking behind this. First, Indiana Jones 4 comes out the week after [...]

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My secret shame

Yesterday evening when I was asked how my day at work went I decided to omit from the retelling the 15 minutes I spent laughing my backside off at

Movie Marketing Madness

Movie Marketing Madness: Speed Racer

I’ll start off, in the spirit of complete honesty and transparency, with an admission: I do not really share the “Speed Racer” cartoon as a cultural milestone with many of my peers. I think I might have caught it a handful of times in my younger years but it never held my interest to any [...]