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The latest crisis has passed and we're back up and running on Thanks for everyone's patience. --Chris

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Yep, MMM has been down for the better part of this week thanks to more security problems that allowed malicious code to be placed on this and other sites. I'm sincerely sorry for anyone that's had a problem accessing the site, especially if somehow it was responsible for causing problems on your computer. I'm just… Continue reading More issues


No, I don’t watch the show

It kills me that drama and music programs are being cut in one school after another across the country while a show about a high school show choir, the weekly budget of which could probably fund one school's program for two or three years, is one of the most popular things on television.

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Quick Takes: 4/16/10

According to numbers from Bernstein Research, Hollywood studios cut marketing costs by eight percent in 2009 to about $4.39 billion. Much of those cuts are coming through the increased reliance in those campaigns on Facebook and other social media efforts, which cost less than a full-bore advertising campaign. The push for How To Train Your… Continue reading Quick Takes: 4/16/10



An interview the Trib's Eric Zorn conducts with a speaker at one of the tea party speakers in Chicago yesterday shows why this movement is so dangerous. In his responses, the interviewee repeatedly says that activists don't know exactly what they want fixed, they just "instinctively" or "intuitively" know that things aren't right and there… Continue reading Intuitive

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Movie Marketing Madness: Kick-Ass

There are, as we likely all know, two levels of comic adaptations. There are super-heroes that are brought to life on the big screen with lots of special effects, costumes and a little dash of questionable casting. Then there are "the others" that are adaptations of less splashy visuals and have, in most cases, a… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Kick-Ass

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Festival Genius lives on

While I've never had occasion to use it myself, I know that the film festival world was greatly impacted by the arrival of Festival Genius, the tool from the recently shut-down b-side that allowed people to manage more efficiently their festival screening schedules. While b-side would, as a whole, be missed, the average movie blogger… Continue reading Festival Genius lives on

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Movie Marketing Madness: Death at a Funeral

Dark comedies about socially awkward situations are probably among my favorite. That likely has a lot to do with the fact that I just love black comedies and am, myself, socially awkward a good amount of my life. So I might be projecting a bit, or at least finding solace in the fact that at… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Death at a Funeral

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If you visited MMM after about noon Eastern yesterday you probably got a red-screen saying this site had been identified as a source of malware attacks. Apparently someone was able to exploit a vulnerability, whether it's in WordPress or something else, and inserted some malicious code. I apologize to everyone for the problems and for… Continue reading Ugh

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Movie Marketing Madness: Date Night

Many married couples, while completely happy, often find themselves wanting to break out of the perceived rut they've found themselves in. The day-to-day routines that never vary can become constricting, especially if the people have been raised to think that life is all about excitement and doing something new all the time to feel like… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Date Night