It’s gotta be the shirts

I hope these WordCamp Orlando t-shirts (included in the registration fee for the event) are as good at showing off my shapely hips as the ones from WordCamp San Francisco.

Site Blather

In which I carefully avoid using the phrase “personal brand”

If you were your client, would you be honking you off? Here's a sampling of the advice that we routinely give to clients: Post to your blog regularly Make sure your posts are conversational but also on-topic and in-line with the editorial mission of the blog. Tweet frequently Make sure your Twitter updates are on-topic [...]

Off Topic

Happy Thanksgiving

Ladies and gentlemen, the reason I'm thankful for the internet.

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Movie Marketing Madness: The Fantastic Mr. Fox

No one has ever accused, I wouldn't think, director of Wes Anderson of lacking a unique cinematic vision or style. If you've seen any one of his movies and are then shown, without any setup or information, a scene from another you'll probably be able to peg it as an Anderson movie pretty quickly. The [...]

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Movie Marketing Madness: Me and Orson Welles

"The theater...the theater...what happened to the theater?" That's the opening line to a song titled "Choreography" that's part of the holiday classic film White Christmas. Featuring all sorts of what was, at the time, modern dance, the routine basically wonders what happened to the classic theater style in a time of interpretive dance and other [...]

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White Gold and the Battle for Milkquarius trailer

OK, just can't resist this since it's pretty funny. Via a press release: SAN CLEMENTE, CA – 11/20/09 – White Gold™ – the ragged musician turned rock god thanks to the transformational powers of milk – makes his film debut in 200 movie theaters across the Golden State. With a movie trailer, White Gold promotes [...]

A Brief Digression


So if we finished all our Christmas shopping two weeks ago does that mean our spending won't be counted in the annual hand-wringing over retail sales figures? Probably not, but it should be. That's just one small reason why the news is broken, because all these breathless stories over the state of the economy don't [...]

A Brief Digression


Regardless of where we might differ on the Hagar/Roth debate, I think we can all agree that Steve much better than Joe on "Blue's Clues."


DIY Days videos

I would have loved to have attended DIY Days, an event coordinated by Lance Weiler and others, but thankfully there are some fantastic videos on Lance's The Workbook Project site that can bring the sessions to us. Below is a presentation by Jon Reiss and, after that, one from Weiler himself. There are a bunch [...]


Heading to WordCamp Orlando

December's going to be a busy month. Not only am I attending GasPedal's SuperGenius conference in Chicago but a couple weeks prior to that I'll be heading down to Florida for WordCamp Orlando: WordCamp Orlando is happening December 5, at Rollins College, in Orlando, Florida. We’re bringing together a collection of developers and publishers from [...]