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Church Twittering

Here's what the world would look like if I Twittered from church most mornings. 7:55: Sitting down. Arranging kids and paging thru bulletin. 7:56: Exit hymn is #710. Does that make this a 7-10 split? 8:00: Standing 8:15: Sitting, singing 8:20: Communion - brb. 8:24: I'm back. Praying. 8:37: Sat down at the wrong time.… Continue reading Church Twittering

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Quick Takes 4/30/07

The more I look at the Jessica Alba character poster for Fantastic Four 2 the more I'm inclined to agree that it was seriously doctored. She looks like Eddie Murphy when he did that "what it's like to be white" skit on SNL. Seems members of the film Academy will be getting a survey from… Continue reading Quick Takes 4/30/07

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Columns and projects

Just a quick note to loyal MMM readers. I know that I just got back into writing full columns for the last couple weeks and then went this week without one. That's largely for two reasons. One: I'm shoulder deep in a column for Spider-Man 3 that's coming in at six Word pages already (and… Continue reading Columns and projects


This will end well

Putin: Russia To Suspend Compliance With NATO Arms Treaty


Bring me… the bore worms!

Blog@Newsarama » “Aa-ahhh!!!,” indeed. The 1980 Flash Gordon movie is getting a decent DVD release at last. Now you can see the Hawkmen dive in digital clarity.


That doesn’t count

Think Progress » White House excludes bomb deaths in casualty counts. WHAT?! How...I mean....I just...but they... Wow. Nice when you can just look at a pile of 23 bodies from a bombing and say that they really don't count.



Giuliani Broadens His Message on Terrorism - New York Times No Rudy, it's not that Democrats don't understand the problems the country faces in defending itself, it's just that they don't feel the best way to protect U.S. citizens is to massively piss off the rest of the world.


This is wedged between the seven bowls being poured out, right?

Queen Latifah to Star in All of Me Remake - Cinematical

Movie Marketing, Quick Takes

Quick Takes 4/26/07

Argh. Hey, guess what? There are a ton of movies coming out this summer and many of them are sequels or franchise extensions in some manner. But with all those big name flicks taking up theater space (and advertising time) it's important to remember the smaller niche films are every bit (in some cases more)… Continue reading Quick Takes 4/26/07


Not sure if this is clever or stupid

Mock metal group Spinal Tap to reunite