Twitter and Facebook Want to Enhance TV Viewing, But What About Movies?

Facebook announced recently a collection of new tools designed to help TV networks and studios encourage and curate fan interaction, conversation and engagement around their shows.The status network is encouraging networks and studios to post clips in near-realtime, engage with … Continue reading Twitter and Facebook Want to Enhance TV Viewing, But What About Movies?

Tracking 2014 movie buzz

Two separate stories about tracking buzz and anticipation for some upcoming movies: First, Buzzfeed and Variety are working together to track social media buzz and headlines around the movies nominated for Golden Globes.  The BuzzFeed Movie­Tracker (methodology below) measured online interest for Dec. 15-29 and found “Wolf of Wall Street” racked up most page views for best picture drama, with Leonardo DiCaprio on top as lead actor. More generally, the LAT reports on research from Fizziology about buzz for movies coming later in 2014 to see who’s getting strong word-of-mouth lifts. Research firm Fizziology used social media data to rank … Continue reading Tracking 2014 movie buzz

Hollywood and Social Media V2.7

From a Wall Street Journal story from earlier this month that I’ve been sitting on since then because I’ve had other things going on: Hollywood is doing more than using Twitter and Facebook as mere promotional tools. After several years of experimenting, studios have thrown themselves deeply into a medium which is still barely understood. They are now developing elaborate social media campaigns early on, sometimes as soon as a film gets greenlit. Researchers are conducting deep numerical analysis on posts and tweets to guide marketing decisions, sometimes predicting box office revenue with pinpoint accuracy. They’re looking not just at opening … Continue reading Hollywood and Social Media V2.7

Movie Marketing Madness: Shame

Many of us struggle with an addiction of some sort. Whether it’s over-eating or too many chocolate cravings or something far more serious there’s something that draws us and compels us to indulge even if our conscious mind knows that it’s bad for us. For some people that’s sex. And while that is often the subject of jokes and derision it is a real thing and can cause real problems for people. The new movie from director Steve McQueen is about just that topic. Shame stars Michael Fassbender as Brandon, a New York City professional who lives a closely guarded … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Shame

Movie Marketing Madness: The Artist

Stars can fall just as fast as they rise. The attention span of the celebrity following public is, and always has been, notoriously short. As soon as one star or starlet captures the attention of the public they’re already looking for another that is newer and more exciting to follow. The moment one is found we can’t wait for one of the older ones to fall, to embarrass themselves in some way or to otherwise do something humiliating so we can watch their descent from the limelight with the same fascination we watched their ascent. The new movie The Artist … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: The Artist

Movie Marketing Madness: My Week With Marilyn

These days we think we know the private lives of big stars. With paparazzi taking photos of them whenever they step out for a Slurpee with their kids and countless magazines, blogs and other publications ready to run them and elaborate on what their entire outing was like there seems to be no moment that doesn’t go unexamined. The audience, in large part, enjoys these looks at celebrities because it feeds a need some people have for gossip and what the feel are peeks behind the curtain. There’s no starlet that did more to further the idea of celebrity press … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: My Week With Marilyn