What’s Become Clear

A brief list of realizations over the last couple weeks. That any claims by conservatives to fiscal responsibility on a national level were never in earnest. That criticisms of individuals who find themselves in hard financial times apparently don’t apply to corporations. That apparently the entire U.S. economy is so precarious it’s subject to complete … Continue reading What’s Become Clear

What I Accomplished In 2018

Every year is interesting in its own right. There are ups and downs and moments in between, things that will never be forgotten and things that won’t be remembered without serious effort being put in. On at least two fronts, 2018 was notable in very positive ways. First, from January through August I kept quite … Continue reading What I Accomplished In 2018

Privatizing Voter Access

It’s great that both Uber and Lyft are offering free rides to people on election day so they can vote in the midterm elections. It really is. My question is this: Why is our democracy dependent on the largesse of private companies? So this year Uber and Lyft give free rides to polling places. Let’s … Continue reading Privatizing Voter Access

Education For Me, Not For Thee

Acting Consumer Fraud Protection Bureau director Mick Mulvaney is very concerned that people are taking out student loans to pay for college without considering the “moral” consequences of paying those loans back. Mulvaney’s comments, best heard in your head in the voice of an 18th century French nobleman decrying the work ethic of the common … Continue reading Education For Me, Not For Thee

Which Ideas and Actions are Worth Exploring?

Kara Swisher, noted and widely-respected tech journalist, has made it clear that yes, she would interview “wandering plague ship” Steve Bannon. Swisher’s op-ed comes on the heels of Bannon’s being uninvited from The New Yorker Festival after other attendees objected to his appearance as well as a new documentary on Bannon that’s premiered at the … Continue reading Which Ideas and Actions are Worth Exploring?

Writing Things Down Is Essential For Many

Do successful people eschew lists? Some might, but for others writing things down is the best way to succeed.

Generational Spending Priorities Have Changed

There are a number of reasons offered here as to why those identified as Millennials are spending less on “discretionary” items and indulgences than older folks. It’s an issue that’s been covered frequently by the media in the last few years as that group gets older and seizes more of its marketplace power. So the … Continue reading Generational Spending Priorities Have Changed

What Else Could Empty Retail Space Be Used For?

If you drive around the area of Chicago’s western suburbs I live in you’ll find lots of empty retail buildings. The last several years have not been kind to the in-person shopping experience and so malls are less crowded than they once were, strip malls are often have plentiful open storefronts and so on. All … Continue reading What Else Could Empty Retail Space Be Used For?

The Key to Increased Productivity is Mass Transit Systems

I can’t rightly argue with any of the points made by Stephanie Braun at the Ladders blog when she says self-driving cars could open up a lot of growth potential for worker productivity. What I can do, though is take issue with the premise. Self-driving cars can, as she says free up brain space and … Continue reading The Key to Increased Productivity is Mass Transit Systems

I Won’t Outsource My Success

There have been a couple stories in the last few weeks about how a new novel or TV show or something has been announced after the writer and his/her material was found on Wattpad, a platform that has positioned itself as a place for aspiring writers to share their work. The site seems to have … Continue reading I Won’t Outsource My Success