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Jimmy Kimmel’s Is Just One Story of Our Healthcare System

You can’t help but be moved by Jimmy Kimmel’s recent revelation that his son was born with congenital heart issues and required surgery within 24 hours of birth to address the problem. Praise God for attentive nurses, talented doctors and the other factors that all came into play to save this child’s life and good… Continue reading Jimmy Kimmel’s Is Just One Story of Our Healthcare System

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So I might have started a little thing when I was just trying to be funny/annoying on Twitter today... Kickstarted by Chicago writer Chris Thilk and spread through local media Twitter and now well beyond, people on Thursday started sharing other potential prerequisites that a despotically inclined city official might just mandate, using the hashtag… Continue reading #OtherRahmRequirements 

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Early Morning, April 4…

That's a line from U2 classic anthem "Pride (In the Name of Love)" and is how I always remembered Todd's birthday. U2 was, after all, his favorite band and so the connection was a natural one. While I hadn't spoken to Todd for too damn long before he passed away, this is his first birthday… Continue reading Early Morning, April 4…

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Job Interviews are Getting Less Personal, Not More

Automattic’s Matt Mullenweg linked to this Inc. story about the future of the job interview. In it the writer summarizes a book about workplace excellence and how CEOs and office managers can achieve it. There’s discussion in the story about how biases play a role in the job interview and Mullenweg talks about how his… Continue reading Job Interviews are Getting Less Personal, Not More

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If Only I Worked Harder…

That’s the thought that rattles around my head on too many occasions. It’s usually during the rare occasions when I have a period of time to sit down and *just* read a book or watch a movie or even take a nap. “What better could I be doing with my time?” I wonder as I… Continue reading If Only I Worked Harder…

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After the Campaign: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

When I wrote about the marketing for Whiskey Tango Foxtrot I thought it leaned a little too heavily on the audience’s affection for star Tina Fey, trying to sell it as an extended episode of “30 Rock” more than anything else. The full movie, unsurprisingly, is more complicated than that. The story follows Kim Baker… Continue reading After the Campaign: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

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Keys, Change and the Sound of Waiting

I’ve mentioned before that I spent a good chunk of my childhood at my maternal grandparent’s house. When both my parents were working my younger brother and I would go there for most of the day during the summer as well as afternoons after school until our folks were done with work. During the summer… Continue reading Keys, Change and the Sound of Waiting

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Instagram Design Comes to Movie Posters

Last week a new poster for Table 19 was released. The movie stars Anna Kendrick and others as a group that’s put at the least desirable table at a wedding, and that’s conveyed clearly on the poster. What’s notable about the one-sheet is that it’s formatted like an Instagram photo. The obviously-filtered picture of the… Continue reading Instagram Design Comes to Movie Posters

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Hollywood Uses Influencers in Marketing Efforts

My latest post at The Drum is a profile of an influencer technology platform that's being used by Hollywood to help sell their movies: Influencer marketing is all the rage right now. Back in December of last year a report was released by Linqia showing that while ROI was sometimes sketchy, more and more brands… Continue reading Hollywood Uses Influencers in Marketing Efforts

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Daily Post: Invitation (Fiction)

(NOTE: Based on today's The Daily Post writing prompt) The invitation laid on his dresser like a scab begging to be picked. He couldn't stop looking at it when he was home. And when he wasn't home he thought about it sitting there, screaming for action. No answer was an answer, so he may as… Continue reading Daily Post: Invitation (Fiction)