A Moment of Privilege

There’s a story I’ve been telling for years. It goes something like this. During college I went on a road trip with some friends. We decided to head to the Southwest, planning to visit Taos, NM, Boulder, CO and a few other spots. The trip lasted a bit over a week, during which we mostly…… Continue reading A Moment of Privilege

When “Stay At Home” Orders Don’t Change Much

For a lot of people, the last two months have been a big change. Not being able to go out whenever you want, not being able to buy whatever was needed or wanted, not having the usual cacophony of activities that keep everyone bustling and hustling. All of that was, understandably, a series of major…… Continue reading When “Stay At Home” Orders Don’t Change Much

Where Do We Go From Here?

A brief list of opportunities to challenge the societal status quo. Let’s rethink how we fund public education, decoupling it from something as discriminatory and subject to crashes in the broader economy. Let’s rethink healthcare – not just insurance – and decouple it from employment since those who are out of work can’t afford the…… Continue reading Where Do We Go From Here?

What’s Become Clear

A brief list of realizations over the last couple weeks. That any claims by conservatives to fiscal responsibility on a national level were never in earnest. That criticisms of individuals who find themselves in hard financial times apparently don’t apply to corporations. That apparently the entire U.S. economy is so precarious it’s subject to complete…… Continue reading What’s Become Clear

What I Accomplished In 2018

Every year is interesting in its own right. There are ups and downs and moments in between, things that will never be forgotten and things that won’t be remembered without serious effort being put in. On at least two fronts, 2018 was notable in very positive ways. First, from January through August I kept quite…… Continue reading What I Accomplished In 2018