Movie Marketing Madness: Tiny Furniture

Everyone has their eccentricities. Our personalities are, to a large extent, a collection of the quirks and behaviors we've developed over the years, most of which are the result of the environments - both physical and emotional - we find ourselves in either by choice or happenstance. We move through the world relating to others … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Tiny Furniture

All over the place

Today I've published pieces to MMM, AdAge and Voce Nation. And by linking to them here I've completed the circuit of all my major publishing outlets and been able to get a little meta in doing so. Pretty sure that means I can call it a day.

Movie Marketing Madness: Morning Glory

There have been quite a few movies over the years that attempt to take the audience behind the scenes of the news world. From relatively recent entries such as Broadcast News and Network to classics of the old school of journalism such as The Front Page (and its classic remake His Girl Friday) we are … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Morning Glory

Movie Marketing Madness: Skyline

There are two kinds of alien invasion movies that are generally made: Either the action unfurls on a global scale and we see the world uniting against the new and unknown threat in a massive display of cooperation as we all realize we’re human beings. Or the camera stays firmly on one person, family or … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Skyline

Voce Nation Monday Five

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What the heck is with the disrespect toward marriage?

I'm not usually one to jump on the "Hollywood hates marriage" wagon, but a slew of just-released trailers has me about ready to do that. Take the following: In Just Go With It, Adam Sandler plays a guy who pretends to be married in order to score with other women, giving them a sob story … Continue reading What the heck is with the disrespect toward marriage?

Movie Marketing Madness: Welcome to the Rileys

When a couple has their first child it can take some time to get used to the fact that the number of people in that relationship has just doubled. The husband and wife often have to reevaluate and adjust how it is they relate to each other in light of the fact that there’s now … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Welcome to the Rileys

Movie Marketing Madness: Fair Game

Stories about the abuse of power are almost always interesting. But they tend to take one of two directions: Either they focus on those who are doing the abusing and how they’re ultimately brought down by their hubris or they look specifically at the investigation into what they’ve done and how they’re ultimately brought down … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Fair Game

Movie Marketing Madness: Megamind

"Nature versus nurture" is an age-old discussion. The theoreticians among us will debate endlessly on the fates of twins born to the same parents but raised in drastically different environments, discussing how each one will go through life as they grow from children to adults. Getting even weightier, each Christian denomination has its own view … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Megamind