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A Medium vs. WordPress Measure Doesn’t Do Either Platform Justice

Tim Cigelske at Mediashift has an interesting post up that details the results of an experiment he ran by publishing an identical post on both the regular, on-domain WordPress site as well as on MediaShift’s Medium-based blog. Putting aside his comments about which user interface he finds more engaging and informative, the main point is [...]

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Snapchat Let’s You Create Snapcodes for Links

Years ago Google introduced a tool that allows publishers the ability to easily create a QR code for any page and add that code to any other page. This was right at the beginning of the mobile web, so someone could scan that QR code from the desktop web and be taken to the page [...]

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Facebook Announces More News Feed Changes

In a post on their blog yesterday, Facebook announced more changes to how it ranks posts from Pages in the algorithm that defines what appears in your News Feed. The update appears to be specifically geared toward the ongoing conversation about the spread of "fake news" on Facebook and other social platforms. To that end, [...]

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How Often Should You Post To Your Blog

I feel a great deal of anxiety when I get toward the end of a day ad realize I haven't posted anything to my blog. A knot begins to form in the pit of my stomach as I consider what opportunities I might have missed to share my thoughts. Not that everything here is world-changing [...]

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Medium Admits Making Money Online Is Hard

There's been a lot of conversation, particularly in light of the volume of "fake news" that was spread during the recent election cycle, about whether or not Facebook and Twitter in particular were or weren't media companies. There were compelling arguments on both sides (they actually are) but one thing at least Facebook does not [...]

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Pew Shows Facebook Keeps Getting Bigger, Young Women Rule on Social

There’s a new Pew Internet study that covers just how much U.S. adults - specifically those who are regularly online - are using social networks. The research continues to reinforce some patterns with social media that have been pretty standard over the years. First, social media is primarily women. Of the five networks Pew tracked [...]

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Facebook Faces More Questionable Metrics

According to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook has been miscalculating post reach, full video views and time spent reading Instant Articles for over a year now. This comes just a few months after it made a similar admission regarding over counting views of video ads and in the middle of a heated conversation about the [...]

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Here’s How to Not Honk Off Your Customers on Social

A few years ago I undertook a project that involved one of my deepest dives ever into social analytics on behalf of a client. We were seeing engagement on Facebook in particular was dropping and that people were unliking pages or hiding posts. So not only were they not Liking, they were taking action to [...]

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Don’t Sacrifice Strategic Thinking to Save Money

I get attached to my work. It's a defect in my character. I like what I do and I can't help but put my heart into it. So when I create a strategy it's a piece of me, of my brain that I'm offering to a client. That can't not be a personal transaction. So [...]

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Eight Lessons About Live Event Social Media Coverage

There's an old adage about war that says plans for battle are essential but are often worthless as soon as the first shot is fired. The notion is that while you need to know what you're doing and where you're going and what your objective is, the chaos of battle throws all of that up [...]