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Amazon Video Direct Attracting Media Producers

According to Digiday, Amazon’s new Video Direct product is attracting more than a few media publishers who are taking advantage of the service’s ability to offer premium content that people have to pay to subscribe to in addition to their Amazon Prime service. Those producers are wooed by the fact that, yes, people have to … Continue reading

LinkedIn Ramps Up Mobile Search

LinkedIn is upping its search game, at least through the mobile app. You can now search for keywords in your own feed of updates, search for topics to see who’s talking about something broad or specific and click through hashtags to see what’s been posted using those. Right now those upgrades are available only on … Continue reading

NPR Removes Comments, Twitter Fights Harassment and More: Quick Takes for 8/19/16

NPR Website To Get Rid Of Comments (NPR, 8/17/16) This has spurred much debate in media circles over the value of comments, particularly if they’re only appealing to and being used by a small percentage of an overall audience. Personally I understand where NPR is coming from on this topic, but anytime publishers of any … Continue reading

Blab’s End, Twitter’s Promoted Stickers and More: Quick Takes for 8/15/16

Publishers Flock to New Instagram Stories (Wall Street Journal, 8/12/16) Most companies – be they media or other brands – will usually flock to what’s known in times of upheaval. While Instagram’s Stories may not differ substantially from Snapchat’s, the fact that it’s not just a low barrier to entry but can take advantage of … Continue reading

Twitter Moments: Facebook Ad Blocking and More: Quick Takes for 8/10/16

Opening up Moments to more creators (Twitter Blog, 8/9/16) This is a great idea, one that I suggested several months ago. It may not be the silver bullet that saves Twitter, but opening up more creation tools to more people does give them additional ways to express themselves, which is a good thing and could … Continue reading

How Snapchat Discover Will Eventually Expand

News broke yesterday that, confirming recent speculation based on job postings, the NFL will become the first professional sports league with a Snapchat Discover channel. The league will post live content based on all its games during the upcoming season which, combined with the custom geofilters for all 32 teams, it hopes will help it … Continue reading

Instagram Addresses Harassment, Twitter and Crisis Comms and More: Quick Takes for 8/1/16

Instagram to roll out anti-harassment tools (Techcrunch, 7/29/16) More like this, please. Instagram is obviously looking to make sure it remains a safe place for people, particularly women, to come and express themselves without dealing with the harassment that’s all too common. It’s good for Instagram and good for the internet as a whole, particularly … Continue reading

Facebook Pages, Vine Stumbling and More: Quick Takes for 7/29/16

Here’s What Americans Say They Most Commonly Post About on Social Media (MarketingCharts, 7/28/16) Passive engagement is by far the most popular activity by adults on social media, with few actually creating original content. Subject matter of what’s created and engaged with varies by demographic group, but that overall trend is bad news for Twitter … Continue reading

Sponsored Content, Twitter’s Brand and More: Quick Takes for 7/27/16

How Sponsored Content Is Becoming King in a Facebook-Dominated World (New York Times, 7/24/16) I have no commentary here. It’s a must-read, partly because this reads like the last gasp of an industry about to willfully and with absolute intent put itself out of business. Everything here is disheartening. See What’s Happening (Twitter Blog, 7/25/16) … Continue reading

Twitter Live Sports, Pandora Podcasts and More: Quick Takes 7/25/16

Study: More people access news via web browsers, but native-app users spend much more time reading (Nieman Lab, 7/20/16) The story here comes to exactly the right conclusion, which is that app readers are your most brand-loyal readers, the ones who have decided a specific outlet’s content has value, so they spend more time with … Continue reading

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