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Blockbuster shoots second-to-last remaining toe

I don't think Blockbuster realizes just how badly an iPhone app that shows if a particular title is currently in stock at a local store will backfire on them. Someone who still uses Blockbuster for their DVD rentals might currently go to the store in search of X title, look around and find that it's… Continue reading Blockbuster shoots second-to-last remaining toe

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Slicing and dicing content

Last week Fake Steve Jobs writes this in a screed against AT&T: And not just you. Look at Big Three automakers. Same deal. Lazy, fat, slow, stupid, from the top to the bottom — everyone focused on just getting what they can in the short run and who cares what kind of piece of shit… Continue reading Slicing and dicing content

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Bundling mileage may vary

iTunes starts offering movie bundles, offering packages of similar movies in groups of two, three or four for varying price points much like you've long been able to find two-packs on the shelf at Best Buy, Target or other physical retailers. Meanwhile, a study out of Indiana University posits that promotional bundling tends to devalue… Continue reading Bundling mileage may vary

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Business-friendly features rolling out on Twitter

So what Twitter did the other day isn't so much announce that they had introduced business-friendly features to their service. What they did was announce that an announcement was coming down the road shortly. The coming announcement they announced was that those people managing Twitter accounts for businesses would soon get multi-author support as a… Continue reading Business-friendly features rolling out on Twitter

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Native shortening is the next killer feature

Don't get me wrong, I love The service, which creates short URLs out of long ones is useful for sharing links on Twitter and elsewhere and, most importantly, does a great job of providing metrics around those short URLs so you can help gauge engagement with the blog or Twitter feed, whether it's your… Continue reading Native shortening is the next killer feature

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Real-time heartburn

Look, it's no surprise that marketers are obsessed, to some extent, with all these developments on the "real-time" web front. Clients, employers, managers and others who we answer to are always assuming we are precogs, able to see the future and make plans accordingly. When a crisis emerges we should have seen it coming, regardless… Continue reading Real-time heartburn

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Adapting the Iron Man trailer

With the trailer for the sequel being released and generating so much buzz I think it's worth revisiting this alarming news report from 2008.'Iron%20Man'%20Trailer%20To%20Be%20Adapted%20Into%20Full-Length%20Film Wildly Popular 'Iron Man' Trailer To Be Adapted Into Full-Length Film

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Movie Marketing Madness: Avatar

How do you follow up Titanic? That's the question that's been on everyone's mind for the last 12 years or so, ever since director James Cameron released what would go on to become the highest-grossing film of all time and a star-making vehicle for its two young stars. While various rumors have circulated through the… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Avatar

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So…that happened

If you tuned in to MMM after about 3PM Central on Tuesday through some time around 9AM or so Wednesday you probably saw that while the site was still up there were no posts. Nothing. The header was there, the sidebar items were there but in the middle was a glaring "Page not found" error… Continue reading So…that happened