bowling-pinsThe Hangover

Tucked into a story about how entertainment and lifestyle sites are weathering the advertising downturn alright – and sometimes even growing – is a bit about how “what’s cool” filter Thrillist ran a campaign for The Hangover that culminated in a New York City party (cause that’s what Thrillist does) with over 1,000 people attending that featured a look at an extended trailer.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Paramount worked with mobile platform operator ChaCha that had ads for the Transformers sequel included in the text responses sent to the system’s users when they asked a question. The campaign, according to ChaCha, increased the movie’s audience awareness by 27 percent and drove significant traffic to the movie’s mobile site

In response to the movie IDW is launching the first on-going Transformers comic title the franchise has had in years.