Still coming at you from Little Rock, AR. I’ve been out of town three days this week and so haven’t been able to do as much off-the-cuff writing as I’d like to. So here’s another recap post of things happening this past week.


  • Aeon Flux: Sure, Charlize Theron is hot but this poster and this movie really look like crap.
  • Ultimate Avengers: I know this isn’t technically a movie but a straight-to-DVD release but I’m looking forward to this moreso than I did the last few theatrical Marvel Comics movies. Check out the Iron Man-centric poster here.
  • Doom: Even worse than before.
  • Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio: All you have to tell me is that Julianne Moore is in the movie and I’m there. The fact that the poster looks good as well is just a bonus.


  • Match Point: The trailer is very dramatic. Lots of swelling music and over-wrought emotions with people screaming and really really emoting. I wonder, though, if the movie – directed by Woody Allen – will have the same tone. If not, if this is another understated Allen flick then the trailer will be guilty of really mis-representing the movie. Don’t get me wrong the trailer works just fine but I worry it’s not matching the tone of the movie it’s trying to sell.
  • The Family Stone: If there weren’t such a great collection of good actors, some which happen to be beautiful women, in this movie then I would be really worried. Let’s hope they are able to overcome what might be a formulaic been-there-done-that script.

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