If you have any doubt as to what audience Disney is counting on to make the first installment in The Chronicles of Narnia a hit, look no further than Christian music station KLOVE. The station, heard across the country, is giving away tickets to the London premiere of the family film, an adaptation of the C.S. Lewis series of novels. In addition to tickets you also get a “Prize Pack” of Narnia-related merchandise in partnership with Family Chrisitan Stores.

It seems to me that Christian groups need to watch out how involved they get with movie promotions. While The Passion of the Christ certainly woke some people up as to how much influence religious groups could have on moviegoing there’s more danger for Christian groups than there is for Hollywood in continuing and extending a partnership. Religious outlets could soon find themselves more beholden to Hollywood’s whims in terms of money and other worldly concerns. Hollywood, on the other hand, will continue on with or without Christians.