I’m coming to you live from Little Rock, Arkansas right now and have the TV on in my very nice hotel room.

Anyway, I just saw a commercial for Serenity, which opens tomorrow. The spot talks about how we’ve all heard “the buzz” about Serenity in various traditional media outlets such as Newsweek and others that have recently run features on the movie. What it doesn’t mention is the buzz that was created via the blogs and the screening passes Universal provided to blog writers? I know that TV is a middle-of-the-road medium but why not take the opportunity to push people outside their comfort zones and let them explore the blogs a bit? That way next time you use that particular tactic it will work even better.

Just a thought. By the way Glenn Reynolds has a longer piece on this subject here. Also, the initial reports I’m reading from those bloggers (the screening was last night for most of them I think) are reporting that the movie works, even if you’re not familiar with the show it’s based on or the rest of the Joss Whedon resume.