Can We Still Trust Google?

Announced to great fanfare recently, the Google News Initiative was positioned by the company as a single umbrella for all its various publisher-centric programs and efforts. It would bring together things like AMP Project, Google News Lab and more while also containing a new program aimed at combating the rise of misinformation online, partnering with … Continue reading Can We Still Trust Google?

Quick Takes: Content Marketing and Media News for 10/6/17

Have to wonder what kind of sense it makes for publishers to intentionally serve up search and social-driven visitors a markedly worse user experience. Facebook is once again being accused of over-counting the size of its audience of 18-24-year-olds. YouTube is the latest company to make changes to its search algorithm to fight the spread … Continue reading Quick Takes: Content Marketing and Media News for 10/6/17

If we’re going to have hashtags we may as well do something with them

Yesterday I wrote this post for Voce Nation about how hashtags are becoming the new taxonomy for the social web but how what was still lacking was a universal, platform-spanning search that can bring together conversations that happen on Twitter, Google+ and other social platforms. One thing I didn't include in that post, though, was … Continue reading If we’re going to have hashtags we may as well do something with them

Problems creeping up in online media

If you're at all interested in the ins-and-outs of online publishing, this Buzzfeed story is a must-read. For Google, this is far more damning: Google is the table. A site should not be able to auto-post a stub of another story and immediately outrank it in the world's most popular and powerful search engine — that is … Continue reading Problems creeping up in online media

Facebook Graph Search brief from PN/Voce

My colleagues at Voce/Porter Novelli put together this super-helpful look at Facebook's recently announced Graph Search. It's well worth checking out and you can read more about it here.

Defining the Realtime Search Needs, the popular URL shortening service that no longer wants to be known as just a URL shortening service, is trying once again to make a play for search attention, launching Realtime as a "real time" search feature that taps into the site's treasure trove of link information. While that news is interesting enough it … Continue reading Defining the Realtime Search Needs

Google results get more social

The update by Google to make social signals more prevalent in search results is fairly significant, though the absence of Facebook is of course notable. While these results have been seen in searches for a while this update brings them higher up in the results, mixing them among the other listings as opposed to lumping … Continue reading Google results get more social

Staying in Google’s good graces

Is there a legitimate discussion to be had about whether or not Google sometimes acts mysteriously, with their motivations completely unclear to anyone outside the company and likely frustrating to third parties who wind up getting slammed by them? Sure. But the amount of bad actors out there in the online advertising space, those who … Continue reading Staying in Google’s good graces

Trib Co. focuses on SEO

The Tribune Co. has made a number of structural moves with a focus on search-engine-optimization in mind. About time.

Search News Catch-Up: 8/28/08

Vertical search has gotten the attention of more and more people, from venture capitalists to publications in the last year or so. Because the vast amounts of available information found through a general search engine like Google can sometimes be a tad intimidating, these search engines are positioning themselves as tools people can use to … Continue reading Search News Catch-Up: 8/28/08